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  • The main reason - a sore throat?
  • Why in the sights of the heart?
  • Fish useful bananas - not very
  • What will help to make a diagnosis?

  • The main reason - a sore throat?

    Rheumatism attack primarily the joints,heart and nervous system. And in most cases, the main culprit of the disorder in the body is "banal" nedolechennaya angina (it is caused by bacteria - beta-hemolytic streptococci). They enter the blood and, if not immediately receive a strong rebuff to penetrate the different systems of the body. So there is rheumatism.

    Why is the flu and sore throat are some peopleimperceptibly, while others are developing such complications? Scientists suggest that the cause is immune disorders and genetic predisposition: rheumatism often whole families suffer.

    Symptoms: fever, and "volatile" pain.

    First rheumatic symptoms usually begin after 1 - 3 weeks after influenza or angina. And the attack on several fronts.

    So, the main manifestations of rheumatic fever by the joints:

    • rheumatoid arthritis - swelling and redness of the large joints of the hands and feet;
    • temperature and fever, especially in the evening;
    • sharp, wandering pain (in one joint, then in the other);
    • swelling over the joint is formed, the skin reddens and becomes hot;
    • a distinctive feature is the “volatility” of changes: in some joints the inflammation quickly subsides, but then it begins in others.
    That is, there is a wave-like lesionjoints. All joint problems disappear within 2 - 4 weeks. And with well-chosen therapy (corticosteroids plus antibiotics plus Voltaren) joint symptoms can be eliminated already in the first day of illness. Good fixing treatment effect gives physiotherapy (eg, radon baths, magnetic).

    Why in the sights of the heart?

    No wonder the doctors say that rheumatism "licksjoints and bites the heart. " As subsided articular manifestations to the fore cardiac symptoms. The most frequent manifestation - rheumatic myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle).

    Manifestations of the heart:

    • Take care of your joints from the coldweak dull pain in the heart, or just unpleasant - at the heart of "cat scratch";
    • heaviness in the chest, especially when taking a deep breath;
    • palpitations, shortness of breath;
    • tachycardia - increased heart rate.

    Fish useful bananas - not very

    In rheumatoid arthritis is not desirable to lean on:

    • red meat (beef);
    • refined sugar, baking and other fast carbs;
    • products with high content of starch (potatoes, bananas);
    • coffee (if you can not do without it - learn to be limited to a cup a day);
    • fat cheeses and milk;
    • all salt and salinity.

    It is clear that to completely abandon these products is difficult, but do not do them the basis of their diet.

    A useful for rheumatism:

    • fish (in any form, other than smoked);
    • vegetable oils (sunflower, not only the usual and olive, and sesame oil, linseed);
    • vegetables and fruits in different forms. It would be great to include celery, avocados, green salads (arugula, Chinese cabbage) in the menu.

    What will help to make a diagnosis?

    • Blood count.
    • Examination of the joints at the rheumatologist.
    • Be sure to cardiac evaluation - EGC and echocardiography (ultrasound of the heart).

    Lemon juice and nettle against inflammation

    Rheumatism in need of professional medical treatment and monitoring. One only herbs this disease, of course, do not run.

    But as aids to good operating condition:

    • decoction of burdock root (15 grams root to 200 ml of boiling water) to drink 1 tablespoon 4 times a day before meals 2 - 3 weeks;
    • decoction of nettle and birch buds;
    • eat grapefruit a day - there are manybioactive substances that tone joints. And in China and the countries of Central Asia, rheumatism is treated with the fruits and decoction of dogwood roots: pour 1 teaspoon of the roots with 1 glass of water, boil for 15 minutes. Take 2 tablespoons 3 times a day for 2 to 3 weeks;
    • useful on a daily basis in the morning to drink the juice of one or half a lemon in a glass of warm water.

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