The causes of dandruff. Treatment of dandruff. Means against dandruff. Dandruff Shampoos


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  • What is dandruff

    The causes of dandruff. Treatment of dandruff. Means against dandruff. Dandruff Shampoo.
    Once the scalp appear suitableconditions for its rapid reproduction, the result becomes a modified cycle of epidermal cells: Instead of the month on cell development, the whole cycle is reduced to one week, and the cell itself by the end of this week, no time to go through complete dehydration. The result is a mass of sticky, often fatty whitish-yellowish scales, the amount of which far exceeds the norm, why and becomes visible to the naked eye. If, in addition, we have also itching scalp, isolated pockets of redness on the scalp - then here's all the symptoms of seborrhea.

    Called seborrhea of ​​the skin disease thatIt characterized by excessive saloobrazovaniya and change the composition of sebaceous secretion due to the accumulation in it of free fatty acids. The mechanism of development of this disease (except for factors such as genetic, endocrine, gastrointestinal, stress), considerable importance is attached to a breach of physiological balance of male and female sex hormones in favor of the latter, which is especially pronounced in adolescence. However, quantitative and qualitative characteristics of sebum depends also on the state of the nervous and digestive systems, the nature of food related diseases. When seborrhea suppressed bactericidal properties of sebaceous secretion. It accumulates in the ducts of the sebaceous glands and on the skin surface, creating conditions for the development pyococcus infection that manifests the formation of acne; this contributes usually the wrong skin care. During seborrhea exacerbate gastrointestinal disease, chronic infections, hypovitaminosis (especially A and C), as well as contamination of the skin. In the context of this article we are interested in the first manifestation of seborrhea on the scalp, as well as the fact that seborrhea is recognized as one of the possible causes of thinning scalp.

    Causes dandruff

    Let us now turn to the mechanism of occurrencedandruff. At first glance, everything is quite clear: caught a fungus - wait for dandruff. However, for some reason, dandruff does not arise at all in a row. What are the reasons? It is known that the fungus, even already registered on the scalp can be quite a long time do not bother us with his life. But it is worth our health falter slightly under the influence of some external causes - as a result there is, or more precisely, on the head. There was some kind of hormonal shift? Changed the structure of power in the direction of greater consumption of carbohydrates and fats? We suffered some heavy, serious illness or suffered a sudden stress, leading to decreased immunity? Spring beriberi? Environmental risks? Any of these or other factors unexplored, and (more commonly) a combination of them may lead to dandruff.

    dandruff Treatment

    If you carefully read the previous paragraph, itprobably already understand what causes lie unsuccessful attempts to get rid of dandruff? Correctly. In the absence of a systematic approach to solving this problem. Let us remember how we used to have tried to solve this problem? It's very simple. Watching the ads on TV, go to the nearest store and buy a dandruff shampoo. That is, we try to "plaster" the problem from the outside, forgetting that any skin problem is growing from within. This does not mean that it is not necessary to use dandruff shampoo, but only means that it is necessary to eradicate the causes that led to a shift in the balance of our body, and only then we can hope for success of the event.

    To start a good idea to adjust the diet -exclude all provocative foods: allergens, sharp, salty, fried foods strong, large amounts of alcohol, fatty foods. It is also a good idea to reduce the amount of carbohydrates consumed - all sweet and flour; this includes a very sweet fruit. Accordingly, it is necessary to increase the amount of vegetables, not too sweet fruit, milk and dairy products. We should not forget about vitamins (A, E, B, C) and micronutrients (calcium, copper, zinc).

    Now let's see what are the shampoos fromDandruff: here roughly the same picture - some shampoos treat only symptoms, while others act directly on the fungus. In the shampoo for dandruff include antifungal agents (ketoconazole), antibacterial agents (octopirox, Piriton Zinc) otshelushivayushie ingredients (salicylic acid, sulfur), soothing and relieving irritation of the substance, as well as some others. Naturally, the shampoo is adjusted individually, by sample. Do not forget to dry the head hairdryer if you have dandruff, it is not recommended.

    If your numerous attempts to get rid of dandruff is not brought the desired result, and if, moreover, you find yourself in the symptoms of seborrhea - it's time to go for professional help.

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