Nephritis treatment in children


Nephritis treatment in children
Acute jade happens after 1-2-3 weeks after transferring viral or infectious
Diseases, manifests itself with a small male, pain in the area of ​​the belt,
swelling on the body, face, especially on centuries. Next is the raising
blood pressure, reducing the number of urine, strong chills and fever, precisely
This is what the fairly frequent form of inflammatory kidney disease looks — Nephritis, primary
which is amazed kidney tubules and fabric interstics.

may develop as a result of the suffering disease, for example, angina,
scarletins, grinding inflammation and streptococcal infection, and
predisposing factors can be a significant overcooling of the body due to
wet and cold clothes or shoes. Clinical manifestations of nephritis do not depend
from a predetermining cause and look at all patients equally.

According to
Classifications are distinguished by primary and secondary forms of the disease. So, primary
Nephritis is an independent kidney disease. Secondary process
arises as a consequence of various pathological processes in the period
intrauterine development, during cancer, diabetes,
amyloidosis of kidneys, poisoning with heavy metals, allergic and autoimmune
Diseases, infectious diseases.

Acquaintance with sharp
Nephite in children

Nephritis can
be acquired and hereditary, acute and chronic. On the disease of the kidneys
Indicate 3 symptoms:

  • Euchness
    facial and body;
  • pain in
    lumbar region;
  • changes in
    urine analysis.

Nephrite usually begins after angina, scarletins, upper diseases
respiratory tract in connection with staphylococcal infection, after pneumonia,
diphtheria, raw and abdominal typhoid, herpetic and cytomegalovirus infection.

Development of jade in children, treatment of illness,
preceded hidden or latent period, its duration usually fluctuates
from one to three weeks. The following stage of the disease is manifested by edema,
Especially noticeable in the morning and decreasing in the evening, increased arterial
pressure and change of urine, where you can detect protein, red blood cells, sometimes
Leukocytes. Sick children significantly reduces the amount of urine, which should
serve as a signal attentive mom and an indication of the need for immediate
Appeals to a nephrologist or urologist. It is known that any symptom of jade
may be short, but you should know that without waiting for improvements
states, and without resorting to self-medication, parents need to urgently turn
to the doctor in order to avoid the development of complications. Self-treatment during acute form
lead to chronic renal failure, and this is already «quite another

Treatment of acute jade — Specialist business

Nephritis treatment in children
Diseases is to collect anamnesis, learning data of laboratory
Research with compulsory general analyzes of urine and blood, urine analysis of non-bibnoe and biochemical analysis of blood, and
Also ultrasound kidneys.

Treatment of acute jade in kids is usually held in the hospital, the child is shown bed. Only in
Hospital is possible expanded and detailed diagnostics accompanied by
adequate treatment with the limitation of the amount of liquid and salt. Depending on the
The variant of the disease and the degree of inflammatory process in the kidneys are assigned
Diuretic preparations, broad spectrum antibiotics and detoxification

timely treatment swelling and high pressure hold 1-2 weeks, then in
The course of the disease occurs a fracture, a lot of urine begins to stand out, up to 3-4 liters in
day, pressure drops, overall health improves and the child goes to
Amend. At this time, it is necessary to strict adherence to the diet and power mode,
The gradual expansion of the edible diet can only be resolved by the doctor, and not
Solidal relatives, who regularly visiting the child with full food bags and
Drinks not always useful in this state. Recommended by phytotherapy -
St. John's wort, the root of licorice, mint, the road, a series, clover, is overheated, as well as electric lifting,
Oxygen baths, massage and mud. In the stage of remission sick child
Recommended Sanatorium-resort treatment in a dry and hot climate.

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