How to treat molluscum contagiosum


  • How to treat molluscum contagiosum
  • Think not only about themselves

  • Often, molluscum contagiosum does not require generalno treatment, the more that any painful symptoms it causes. Self-healing occurs, as a rule, within six months from the onset of the disease. However, a visit to a dermatologist is essential, as is required to deliver a clear diagnosis, and in some cases, and assign treatment.

    How to treat molluscum contagiosum

    How to treat molluscum contagiosumWays to treat molluscum contagiosum, there are several. The correct choice between different features can only make a specialist, based on the stage of the disease and the patient's medical history.

    Typically, in the cases small amounts of precipitationsappointed by the mechanical removal of the nodules. After the bundle is removed, the wound disinfected with 5% tincture of iodine. If the rash enough, then they eliminate by means of electric current, eliminating knots (diathermocoagulation techniques or electrolysis).

    In some cases, for the treatment of contagiousmollusk assigned laser therapy or treatment with liquid nitrogen, the so-called cryosurgery. If the disease has moved in the generalized form, shape agioznogo mollusk characterized by a huge number of nodules that require antibiotics reception. Just in generalized form used antiviral ointment.

    In addition to the elimination of nodules, treatment of contagiousmollusk is to strengthen overall immunity using immunokorrektiruyuschih and immunomodulatory drugs. Sustained immunity prevents relapses.

    Think not only about themselves

    In any case, removal of molluscum contagiosummust necessarily be carried out along with the measures to disinfect the patient of all things, including clothes. Children should definitely disinfect toys.

    In the course of the disease people suffering from contagiousshellfish should not be sexually active, to sleep with someone on the same bed and use common towels. If a person is diagnosed with "molluscum contagiosum", he must immediately put notify your sexual partner, so he also asked for medical help.

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