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  • Longidaza

  • Longidaza

    Plastic surgeons not only improve andrejuvenate the appearance, but also eliminate the consequences of the terrible injuries and multiple burns, as a result of which people lose and its former appearance, and sometimes sight, and the ability to eat normally. The problem that is constantly faced plastic surgery - the fight against the growth of connective tissue and scarring that inevitably arise as a result of injuries and operations. Patients with extensive burns were doomed to 20-30 plastic operations, during treatment and lifelong disability. No less complexity and is eliminating other post-traumatic deformities - cuts, lacerations on his face after animal bites and scars after surgery (eg, scar on his neck after tracheotomy or surgery on the thyroid gland).

    Ugly scars always brought greatthe suffering of people, especially young women. Doctors were virtually powerless in this situation: operations on keloids and hypertrophic inflamed tissues almost non-existent, so they had to use the years of conservative treatment and only after 5-6 years, it was possible to do something surgically.

    Conventional creams and gels helped onlyvery early postoperative processes and only in the treatment of scars first severity cure more serious lesions of the skin with them, unfortunately, is not possible. Hormone therapy (introduction into the scars of large doses of hormones) are not always efficacious and also is fraught with a variety of side effects: it reduced immunity and impaired metabolism.

    It is much more effective to prevent the formation ofhypertrophic or keloid scars than to treat them. An effective tool against proliferation of connective tissue is the enzyme hyaluronidase. Under the influence of this enzyme increases the elasticity of the scar tissue and flatten scars. Exit swelling, dissolve hematoma, improves cellular metabolism. Unfortunately, enzymes are quickly destroyed, and because of their impact is short-lived and ineffective. In addition, the hyaluronidase often causes undesired allergic reactions.

    The real breakthrough in the prevention and educationtreatment of scars after injuries and surgical interventions, as well as the subsequent disposal of the scar tissue is the emergence of a new generation of drug - Longidaza. It is a combination of highly purified hyaluronidase enzyme and the high molecular carrier polioksidony. Presence polyoxidonium increases resistance to hyaluronidase action of substances that slow its rate of cleavage in the body that allows it to act on the connective tissue for a long time.

    Longidaza affects not only the consequence -scars and scars - but also has an effect on the cause of their appearance - inflammation. This systemic exposure may be of great assistance in dealing with such a difficult treatable cosmetic skin defects.

    During clinical application in the bestmedical centers in Russia, Longidaza proven its ability to improve skin condition in patients after injuries and operations. In the appointment, in addition to the basic treatment and injection Longidaza ultraphonophoresis or photophoresis with Longidaza achieved clinical improvement in 85%, indicated subsidence of pain, itching, color normalization scar scar alignment relative to intact skin.

    This means that the scars and the scars will soon go into the past, and will not spoil your beauty!

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