"Lita-Color» ® - a fast and efficient healing of the skin!


Rapid healing of the skin without scars"Lita-color"® It heals wounds quickly and effectively!

Completely impossible to eliminate such problems,then you need to minimize the unpleasant consequences. In order to provide timely and effective first aid treatment of injuries it is necessary to use modern medicines. Wound healing agent should be in every home medicine cabinet: in case of emergency, it is not necessary to run to the neighbors and pharmacies.

He is fond of extreme sports? Enjoy outdoor activities and field trips? Be sure to keep a wound-healing agent: time to provide medical assistance to facilitate the participation of the victim.

But how do you know what means "just in case" it is best to put a first aid kit?

Modern medicine has developed and released in the pharmacy network effective wound-healing agent, "Litan-color"®. Gel for wound healing and accelerates the regeneration process to avoid serious complications.

"Lita-color"® It is working with infected wounds in the firstinflammatory stage and provides for prevention of wound infections due to antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. The antibiotic kills bacteria and protects against attachment of a secondary infection and the hydrogel base, as opposed to an ointment, not conducive to the spread of bacteria.

In the second stage of the wound healing process of allocation become less abundant, and damaged tissues begin to recover. "Lita-color"® It accelerates regeneration, has the ability to quickly heal wounds by stimulating cell growth and collagen synthesis, increases the elasticity of the collagen fibers and restores the skin.

Derived Collagen promotes the active formation of healthy tissue, leading to bezrubtsovomu healing.

"Lita-color"® It is available in a convenient bottle with dispenser and easyto use: you have to apply the gel to the affected skin area, wait a few seconds until the plenochki, apply a gauze bandage if necessary. The tool is available in the form of wipes are always handy to have on hand.

"Lita-color"® universally applicable: when a skin injury of any origin can be, do not hesitate to use one convenient tool. This distinguishes the "LITA-color"® from competitors offering a line of different drugs on different occasions and put the customer before the uncertain and time-consuming choice.

Skin - protective barrier that does not allow to penetrateinside the pathogenic bacteria, viruses and fungi. Various injuries violate its integrity, thereby increasing the risk of multiple infections of the body. Therefore, "Litan-color"® It recommended for use even with small cuts and scratches, as open wounds - the entrance gate of infection.

"Lita-Color» ® - a fast and efficient healing of the skin!In addition to emergency trauma "Lita-color"® is irreplaceable in cosmetology and is necessary for people suffering from boils, fistulas, pimples, or extending the period of healing of the skin after peeling, hair removal, plastic surgery. "Lita-color"® prevent abnormal scarring, used at home without having to visit a clinic or beauty parlor. In applying the "LITA-color"® reduced size and height of the scar, he clarified, making the scar less noticeable, provides softening and removal of tightness. "Lita-color"® accelerates wound healing by 20%, leaving no scars!

As a basis for the production of "Lita-color"® using raw foods, especiallywhich is programmed at the genetic level, the ability for rapid growth and development. This information is retained even after the raw material processing and is manifested in such properties "Lita-color"®As the acceleration of wound healing with goodcosmetic effect and hypoallergenic. In addition, modern wound healing tendencies prefer "wet" (hydrogel) dressings, not ointment. "Lita-color"® used in an authoritative and respected beauty Institute, which supports healing cosmetic effect.

"Lita-color"® appointed doctors and the following diseases: sores, diabetic foot, pressure ulcers, non-healing wounds, thermal, chemical, radiation burns.

Rapid healing of the skin without scarsThe surgeons, trauma surgeons, endocrinologists, therapists, beauticians satisfied after testing means and designate "Lita-color"® their patients. Especially doctors note positive results of the action "Lita-color"® in the treatment of venous ulcers, pressure ulcers anddiabetic foot, even in a state of neglect. Patients also, having tried various wound-healing agents and not having received a positive effect, begin to use the "LITA-color"® and are grateful for the tremendous and rapid effect: it saved from amputation, and restore the skin after burns, and finally healing ulcers, and many more.

"Lita-color"® tested and approved by many institutions, credible: MOE, military units, Emergency Medicine, Institute of Beauty. In contrast, import tools, "Litan-color"®As the Russian product is not dependent on the dollar and does not grow in price.

Now that you have in your home medicine cabinet "Lita-color"®You can not be afraid of accidents from household to deep cuts and necrotic wounds. Competitive advantages of "Lita-color"® - A versatility and ease of use, ease of packaging, the speed and quality of wound healing.

"Lita-Color» ® - a fast and efficient healing of the skin!

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