Tips what to do when the feet sweat


  • Wash your feet
  • change your socks

  • Wash your feet

    The best way to deodorize foot - wash them withsoap. "It seems so simple, - says Glen Gastuert, executive director of the American Orthopaedic Association. - But many in the shower, forget to duck and rub with a washcloth feet, as a result of leaving them a lot of bacteria. "

    dry feet
    . When the feet are washed, dry them thoroughly,especially between the toes. "It was in the damp environment bacteria proliferate giving the smell," - says D. Hale, an orthopedic center of Washington in Seattle Foot diseases.

    Down with all the superfluous. A thick, flaky layer of dead cells canIt is an excellent medium for the odorous bacteria. "The best way to get rid of calluses and excess skin, especially on the heels", - said Dr. Brenner. Taking a bath, rub the soles with a pumice stone or a special float.

    Grass fungus special ointments (mikozolon, kanesten et al.). After processing stops mechanically, grease them antifungal. The main requirement is that the skin is dry.

    change your socks

    Tips what to do when the feet sweatLeast feet smell like socks of special hygroscopic synthetic. If you smell is particularly concerned, change them often, two or three times a day.

    use deodorant. "If you wear stockings, to change them during the dayIt is not always convenient. In this case, treat the sole ball antiperspirant active agent based on aluminum oxide, "- taught by Dr. Hapnin. Included in their composition aluminum and zinc salts narrow the ducts of the sweat glands. However, this procedure is useful to any morning, no matter what's on his feet. The main thing was to antiperspirant with aluminum oxide, otherwise there is no point in this procedure. On the composition of a deodorant can handle on the label.

    Antipersperiruyuschie sprays, gels, creams and lotionsbest applied at night before bedtime. Before going outdoors powder the folds between the fingers special aromatic talc. It absorbs moisture, slightly dries the skin, protecting it from scuffs, creating all-day comfort. At every opportunity, go barefoot or in sandals on his bare feet.

    Change your shoes. Try to wear each pair of shoes at least every other day, so that she could be aired. In the meantime, do not wear, put into the flavor, though juniper spacer.

    Wash your shoes. When buying shoes, find the store, whether you can wash them. If so, drop once a month in the washing machine. This will kill bacteria lodged inside.

    Means of sweating feet

    • Crush crystals of boric acid and every morningliberally sprinkle the powder soles of the feet and between the toes. Every evening wash with hot water. Change socks or stockings twice a day. Bad smell disappears after two weeks of treatment.
    • Take a bit of oak bark and grind it into powder, sprinkle liberally inside socks or stockings before you put them on. Doing daily until sweating is reduced.
    • Those who strongly sweats, it is recommended to drink a cup of broth sage per day (without sugar).
    • Wash your feet in cold water several times duringday (recommended for people who have a primary tempering experience). Or daily at night to do a 10-minute bath with the addition of potassium permanganate (the water should be a light pink color).
    • Assist bath of broth oak bark (50-100 g per liter of water). Boil for half an hour on low heat. You can add a decoction of oat straw.
    • The shoes put "sole" of birch bark.
    • Wash your feet on a cool night with salt water.
    • Wash the feet of soda water in the morning and in the evening: teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of warm water. Rinse and wipe his feet, put soaked in a soda solution cotton wool between your toes. If it is scratched and sadnit, we must be patient. In the morning wash the feet of soda water, wipe and put on shoes. Very soon, the smell will disappear.
    • Rinse well with warm feet with soap and water,rinse with cold water. The straw of barley, oats, wheat or wheat grass creeping twist between his fingers as weaving baskets, put on clean socks. This is all done for the night. A week later, you already forget about your flaw. The legs will not sweat for years.
    • Twice a day shift foot and fingers fresh birch leaves.
    • We hope that you will choose the method of dealing with sweaty feet, which you prefer, and will no longer blush odor. Your environment will appreciate it. I wish you health and beauty.

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