Is it possible to forget about psoriasis?


  • What is psoriasis?
  • What's new in the world in matters treatment of psoriasis?

  • Is it possible to forget about psoriasis?

    What is psoriasis?

    It would seem ? Psoriasis is not dangerous for life and represents only a minor discomfort. But few people do not pay attention to the inflammatory scaly changes on the skin. Suffering from psoriasis people are embarrassed to appear on the beach, wearing revealing clothing. For some, it becomes a real disaster!

    Modern medical scientists attributed to the category of psoriasis, an autoimmune disease. It means that the human immune system gave a serious failure. and the body begins to struggle with their own fabrics,in this case ? skin cells. The most effective treatment for such patients? the elimination of the causes of the disease: lock the cells of the immune system? active lymphocytes. But until recently, it could not be done safely and effectively.

    Therefore, such patients usually assigned treatment,which is a positive, but short-term effect. But while no one can guarantee that it will decrease the risk of severe exacerbations. Unfortunately, in most cases, a person suffering from such a disease all his life, and the ability to keep the psoriasis even at the stage of cosmetic comfort for them - the greatest good.

    What's new in the world in matters treatment of psoriasis?

    How to effectively suppress the exacerbation ofunpleasant illness? Scientists around the world is constantly searching for the most effective means to help people to see the real result. Doctors at the "Capital" is used in the treatment of psoriasis highly efficient method of removal of pathological human plasma substances that cause worsening of the disease.

    Exposure takes place outside the body of the plasma isolated and removed harmful molecules Purified plasma is then returned into the human body. However, he does not feel any discomfort, and at this time watching television or reads the CEDIs it possible to forget about psoriasis?gu. The process is perceived as the usual "drip"!

    New technologies make it possible to clear skin quickly andachieve maximum cosmetic effect. Main results which can be achieved with the help of course of procedures - quick cosmetic effect and long-term remission. This does not mean that no longer need to take medication. Just in patients subjected to drug therapy provides maximum effect while receiving reduced doses of essential drugs.

    This technology allows for a 99% reduce the cutaneous manifestations of cases,and in 35% of patients achieved complete regression. Moreover, the technology proved highly effective in the treatment of the most severe, form of joint disease.

    The medical center "Capital" so uniqueway to successfully treat not only the complex types of psoriasis, but also many other skin diseases difficult to treat in the usual way. Modern equipment, high-quality diagnosis and competent doctors with minimal risk of side effects will cause psoriasis to retreat.

    This treatment allows a person with a diagnosis"Psoriasis" to become a confident and feel a new zest for life! Undoubtedly, for methods that allow to eliminate the root cause of the disease, a great future. Further research in this area will help doctors with great success to treat many diseases that today are difficult to influence.

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