Difficulties in removing tartar at home


  • From what appears tartar
  • What are the difficulties in self-removal of tartar
  • Bee Honey
  • herbs
  • Soda, salt and other abrasives
  • What is the cost to remove the tartar professionally

  • From what appears tartar

    Difficulties in removing tartar at homeThe reason for the formation of tartar - a common place,is poor oral hygiene. Once you forget to brush your teeth at night, and the second, the third simply can not get to the bathroom ... and there is bad breath a couple of weeks. No, it is not tartar, it takes a few months to become the subject of dental attention. But soft plaque that is not removed in time, gradually becomes thicker and stronger, acquiring more and more layers. So there is tartar.

    The only means of preventing the emergence oftartar - the constant oral care. It's not just brushing your teeth twice a day (remember that the strength of the brush pressure on the teeth do not play the same role as the duration of the cleaning?), Not only the use of dental floss (dental floss), not only mouth rinse with special solutions or at least warm boiled water. Dental Care - it is also the right food with the exception of chocolates (especially candy), sugary drinks and eating solid foods like nuts and hard raw vegetables and fruits. Self-cleaning teeth during chewing - a very important preventive act.

    What are the difficulties in self-removal of tartar

    When we hear how much it costs to remove the toothstone, our first reaction is: "Remove home!" But how effective is it and, most importantly, safely? Let us examine the most popular ways to fight tartar and difficulty in removing.

    Bee Honey

    Recipe: for several months every day before going to bed to rinse the mouth with warm water and dissolved it in honey. Tasty and pleasant, but whether such a remedy to remove tartar help? Quite the contrary. Rinse itself is very useful, but honey contains a large amount of sugar, which, staying overnight on the teeth, can exacerbate all dental problems.


    Recipe: depending on grass or need to rinse your mouth, or taking infusions and decoctions inside. There were no difficulties in removing plaque in this manner does not arise, because the plaque remains in place, and herbal rinse can help heal wounds in the mouth or to help digestion. Summary: Rinse health, but do not count on the effect.

    Soda, salt and other abrasives

    Causes from what appears tartarThe greatest difficulty in removing tartarHousing may occur when you try to remove it mechanically - scraping with salt, soda, charcoal and other harsh substances. In any of these methods greatly injured tooth enamel. Plaque may partially go, but only on visible areas of the teeth. Remove it from the interdental space or out of the house can not be the gums, causing whatever appeared tartar. So you not only save, but afterwards will give the dentist a lot more money for the treatment of damaged enamel. Is the game worth the candle?

    What is the cost to remove the tartar professionally

    The clinic, how much it costs to remove tartar from professionalsNo matter for what reason there is a toothstone, it is important that, if it is not removed, it is possible to earn caries, periodontitis and tooth loosening. And it's better to know what the price of the removal of tartar than fear the high cost of living and the threat of loss of teeth.

    So. Two of the most popular and modern ways to remove plaque - the laser and ultrasound.

    If, in addition to tartar, teeth and gums is notno problem, the price of ultrasonic cleaning is 800 rubles - to look for the best deals clinics to track stocks and look at coupon sites.

    Laser cleaning is more expensive, but it, unlike ultrasound, there are no contraindications (except for the children's age). The cost of it - from 1500 rubles.

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