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  • Symptoms of periodontitis
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  • Symptoms of periodontitis

    Symptoms of periodontitis - an inflammation of the periosteumjaw - well-known to many children and adults: on the gums around the tooth with a dead pulp or the remaining root appears sharply painful solid seal, rapidly increasing. Swelling, becoming more pronounced shifts to the soft tissues of the face. Depending on the location of the patient's tooth swollen lip and wing of nose, cheek and lower eyelid, the temperature rises, a person experiences discomfort. This disease is known popularly called flux.

    What periostitis In most cases, the cause of acute periostitisis the spread of infection from the root canals of teeth with dead pulp under the periosteum. It also directs a large amount of protective blood cells - white blood cells to fight microbes. The decay of leukocytes allocated substances which at their clusters form purulent mass. Pus and detaches periosteum, causing inflammation in the surrounding tissues in the course of blood vessels. Therefore, there is swelling of the soft tissues of the face

    An increase in temperature, pain, malaise - aresponse to infection. Moreover, the common symptoms are most pronounced in adults, less - in children, the elderly and people weakened due to common diseases.

    After 2-3 days, the mucous membrane of the gumsthins abscess, the pain decreases, and after the pus stops. Simultaneously with this is formation of a protective layer of tissue, and thus eliminate the inflammatory focus at this point is stored for a long time thickened mucosa. If the patient does not go to the doctor, then after a certain period of time there may again arise inflammation.

    So why accumulates infection causing periostitis in dead dental pulp? This occurs primarily for two reasons.

    The first reason: the patient does not go to the doctor and struggling with pain fromby means of drugs. And when pulpitis is an imaginary being. In fact, the pulp is divided, formed mass becomes a great environment for living organisms. And they strongly breeding here, have a toxic effect on the entire body.

    The second reason: patient refers to the dentist, whichimposes on the inflamed pulp drugs kill nerve, such as arsenic, and then over to the doctor is not. Under the influence of arsenic sludge die and the pain stopped. And in the meantime, root canals pulp dissolves microorganisms intensively in it breed, and the tooth becomes a source of infection in the body.

    What should a patient with inflammation of the periosteum? Of course, immediately seek medical advice and to fulfill all of his appointment.

    Treatment of periodontitis

    Treatment of periodontitis determined tooth condition andgeneral condition of the patient. In order to eliminate the purulent focus, you need to open an abscess formed in the gums. But if the tooth (or tooth root) should be removed, the removal of the cut and held simultaneously. Patients are advised to carefully monitor the cleanliness of the oral cavity, to avoid hypothermia or overheating, strenuous exercise. If necessary, your doctor may prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs, physical therapy procedures.

    What is the prevention of periostitis? Only in a timely manner to the end of bringing dentistry. And to prevent the development of caries (destruction of dental hard tissues) and pulpitis (inflammation of the pulp) is very simple. It is enough to visit the dentist regularly and maintain proper care of teeth and oral cavity.

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