Atheroma: diagnosis and treatment


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  • What atheroma

    Atheroma: diagnosis and treatment
    Atheroma - a disease of the skin sebaceous gland - a benign tumor, which arises as a result of its blockage. The appearance of atheroma provoke the following factors: poor conditions of foreign
    environment, including the unfavorable ecological situation, as well as
    exchange nature of the breach in the body, manifested in
    clogged ducts, hyperhidrosis, increased keratinization of tissues, hormonal disorders, which, in turn, weaken the excretory function of the skin.
    The immediate cause of benign tumors
    is plugging the excretory ducts of the sebaceous glands thicken
    discharge. Accordingly, these tumors always localized
    on the skin sites where the amount of hair prevails
    sebaceous glands: on the scalp, face (especially the chin)
    skin of the back, neck, in the genital area, etc.
    Atheroma is a small
    the smooth formation of rounded, with clear boundaries. Tumor
    mobile, usually painless and has a dense texture to the touch. AT
    center it is sometimes noticed an increase in the excretory duct of the sebaceous gland.
    The contents of the tumor is a white pasty mass
    colors. Education can be multiple. In some cases, they
    begin to increase and reach large sizes - up to 4-5 cm
    diameter, this causes a cosmetic defect and may cause
    psychological discomfort to the patient.
    With long-term existence of atheroma
    or under adverse conditions may develop complications - its
    abscess to form a subcutaneous abscess. Inflammatory process
    This is accompanied with the following clinical symptoms: pain
    the tumor, redness and swelling of the skin, deterioration of general
    patient, fever. maybe
    inflamed independent tumor dissection, while therefrom
    pus with saloobraznym content.

    Diagnosis of atheroma

    Diagnosis of atheroma conducted on the basis of the clinical picture, with
    This takes into account the localization of the tumor, the presence of specific
    symptoms (at the center visible excretory duct, which is not observed
    in other tumor types). The differential diagnosis is carried out with the other
    neoplastic processes: fibroma, lipoma.

    atheroma Treatment

    Atheroma with the shell shall be subjected to surgical
    removal in order to avoid complications. The most effective method
    removal of atheroma is considered to delete conducted using
    radiosurgical device. At the same time cut the tissue
    high frequency radio waves in a contactless manner. thanks
    the use of radio waves tumors can be removed with minimal
    injuries of the skin, blood loss, which is accompanied by minor
    discomfort. After removal by radiosurgical wounds quickly
    heal, do not leave scars in the skin, moreover, a surgical
    intervention does not cause complications. When suppuration atheroma shows only its dissection and removal of pus out.

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