Ingrown nail, Symptoms and Treatment


If you have pain and swelling in the area first
toe, it may be an ingrown nail. The disease is not so harmless,
as it seems, so it is best to immediately contact the surgeon who will remove this
nail. Otherwise, you are waiting for a lot of trouble in the form of inflammatory
diseases toes that do not always respond well to treatment. Many
then over the years can not get rid of the consequences of their negligence.

What is an ingrown nail

Ingrown nail - the defeat of the 1st toe, with
which the ingrowth of inner or outer edge of the nail in the nail
roller. Ingrowing edge thickened and bent downward. often occurs
attaching the infection with the development of the inflammatory process.

How is the disease

Ingrown nail, Symptoms and Treatment
The disease occurs at constant pressure on the edge of the nail
nail bead, helped by wearing tight shoes and wrong haircut
nail (deep side cutting edges). By the occurrence of the disease
predispose congenital particular direction of the nail growth. At constant
traumatizing the soft tissue located around the nail, they begin
develop inflammation, inflammation becomes accession infection
purulent and spreads further.

When soft tissue inflammation, pain in the region
ingrown nail when walking in shoes. On the nail roll formed with sores
pus, swelling of the finger gets, flushed, more with the patient
side. Redistributions
inflammation, it can go the whole
Nail shaft and cause detachment of the nail body.

Sometimes, to clarify the diagnosis is assigned to the X-ray
study, since similar changes in lesions can be bone,
various vascular diseases, when the lumen of the arteries and decreases
distant parts of the body poorly supplied with blood (artery occlusive disease,
atherosclerosis, diabetes).

Possible complications of the disease

In all chronic inflammatory diseases of great importance is the general condition of the body,
including its resistance to external influences (immune system). By reducing
immunity, which is, for example, diabetes, inflammatory
the process can spread to deeper tissues and lead to gangrene
or the spread of purulent inflammation in the whole foot. The same
complications may occur if the ingrown nail occurs in patients with lesions
(Narrowing) of the blood vessels when the tissue poorly supplied with blood
(Occlusive disease,

How to treat an ingrown nail

Treatment usually begins with conservative (without surgery)
events. Appointed hot foot baths with antiseptic solution (furatsilina solution of 1: 5000, pink,
0.5% solution of potassium permanganate, 2% soda solution)
twice a day for 20-30 minutes, followed by application of ointment dressing
(Eg levomikol). Between the edge of the nail and soft tissues are paving
narrow strips of gauze soaked in antiseptic solution. During treatment, it is recommended to wear a soft, large shoes.

If the disease becomes protracted or complicated
suppuration, the operative treatment - removal of ingrown nail or the whole
nail plate. Operate ingrown nail after decrease in acute
inflammation under local anesthesia by dragging a finger base
thin rubber tube. Most often in the course of the operation section amended
Nail is removed along with his bed
(The soft tissue under the nail), or possible relapse. After operation
applied ointment to the wound dressing. After 3-4 weeks, when there has been growth
new nail should enclose it under the gauze turunda edge (folded
several times a narrow strip of gauze), has not yet established the correct position
nail. Turundy changed every 1-2 days.

Prevention nail diseases

nail hygiene is washing the feet with soap and a brush. Care
nails should be regular. As the regrowth of nails need a haircut,
observing the rules of hygiene and avoiding injury nail ridges. seats
accidental cuts treated with hydrogen peroxide or iodine tincture.

Pedicure necessary to carry out a clean sanitized
or disposable instruments, and then make a gentle massage of the feet and toes
feet with a nourishing cream.

To prevent the development and recurrence of the ingrown nail to avoid its too short
circumcision, especially from the sides, do not wear tight (especially with high heels)
footwear. In addition, you must promptly treat minor injuries nail

To prevent
suppurative complications is necessary to raise the immune system - to engage hardening
body and exercise, which also contribute to improvement

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