Home kit: what should be always at hand?


  • Means to stop bleeding and other
  • Exterior and medicines in the medicine chest
  • Home kit: A list of the internal use of drugs
  • Revision home kit

  • Home first aid kit is a list of what needs to be always at handFirst-aid kit should be in every home. After all, life sometimes presents such surprises, which are difficult to foresee. Personal injury, minor burns, indigestion, intestinal colic, heartburn, headache, toothache, conjunctivitis, or rhinitis often do not require treatment to the doctor, and means the home can be quite enough to cope with the situation. In addition, there are critical conditions, when the availability of a drug or improvised human life depends. Heavy bleeding, severe allergic reaction, prolonged syncope, hypertensive crisis, angina attack - require urgent help to the doctor soon. What should contain a complete home kit? List of essential drugs can be modified depending on the age and chronic diseases in the household. Dressings, preparations for treatment of wounds usually have a standard list.

    Means to stop bleeding and other

    • Bandage sterile bandage, elastic and non-sterile for fixing, including bandages and compresses.
    • Sterile and non-sterile cotton wool for bandages, compresses, lotions.
    • Adhesive tape in the tape to secure the bandages.
    • The rubber tourniquet to stop arterial bleeding.
    • Bubble for ice and warmer.
    • Fingertip rubber finger protection for cuts and injuries.
    • Sterile gloves.
    • Scissors with blunt ends.
    • Tweezers without teeth.
    • Pipette eye.
    • Thermometer.
    • Tonometer, mandatory for people over 45 years old and suffering from hypertension.

    Exterior and medicines in the medicine chest

    • Means for treatment of wounds. Yoda alcoholic solution of 5% for the treatment of the skin around the wound, an alcoholic solution of brilliant green can be disinfected by a small wound surface area.
    • Bactericidal Plasters for small wounds.
    • A solution of 3% hydrogen peroxide for washing wounds, gargling.
    • A solution of potassium permanganate for washing wounds and stomach in cases of poisoning.
    • Ammonium chloride 10% aqueous solution for the removal of syncope cotton wool soaked agent brings to the nose of the patient.
    • Sulfatsil 30% sodium or other antiseptic eye drops for instillation for injuries, foreign bodies, conjunctivitis.
    • Mustard, used as a means of distracting, applied for 10 minutes to calves for hypertension, on the chest in the heart during an attack of angina pectoris or a cold.
    • Panthenol or Bepanten as a remedy for burns.

    Home kit: A list of the internal use of drugs

    • Analgesics: Analgin, Tempalgin, maksigan, Ketanov or others.
    • Antipyretic, analgesic drugs: a water-soluble aspirin and paracetamol.
    • Validol, Corvalol, valokardin - agent for lung chest pain, tachycardia.
    • Nitroglycerin tablets required for older people who suffer from angina and heart pain.
    • Tavegil, loratadine, Claritin, Diazolin - antiallergic agents in tablets. Antihistamine ointment to eliminate itching and swelling from insect bites.
    • Activated carbon, Smecta, polifepam - adsorbents used in poisonings, allergies, gastrointestinal disorders.
    • Proceeds from the common cold to people suffering from chronic rhinitis.
    • Rimantadine - an antiviral agent for the seasonal influenza epidemics. In the first 48 hours of onset of symptoms, he is able to stop the development.
    • The remedy for heartburn, such as Almagell, in the case of high acidity and a tendency to overeat.
    • Lozenges for sucking pain in the throat.

    List of products worthy of a place in thehome medicine cabinet, must be supplemented by drugs used in chronic diseases of the household, in hypertensive patients, for example, have to be hypotonic means fast action, such as Clonidine, captopril. For patients with asthma are vital inhalants, relieving bronchospasm and suffering from osteochondrosis may be useful analgesic ointment.

    Revision home kit

    Exterior and medicines in the medicine chestThe inspection of the home medicine cabinet is necessary not to spendless than 1 time per year. Stale expired medication in a critical situation will be, at least - is useless, as the maximum - is dangerous. Tablet preparations store in konvalyutah and packaging instructions. Fat-containing ointments, creams, gels, injections better placed in a refrigerator. The nasal, ear and eye drops germs multiply rapidly, so if at the time of disease agents have not been fully utilized, they can be thrown away, as well as open more than six months ago, syrups. Incidentally, in the instructions supplied with the drug, and usually indicated shelf life and storage conditions.

    Home first aid kit should be stored in a dry, darkand a cool place, possibly in a bedroom or in the hallway, and easily accessible for adults but not for children away to bright pills were not a toy or a source of poisoning.

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