Live to 120: Myth or Reality?


  • Why do we age?
  • At what age you start the aging process?
  • What are ways of slowing down the aging of the organism exist?
  • What a way to slow the aging choose?
  • Live to 120: Myth or Reality? Americans
    It managed to create a genetically modified living organism that can live in
    10 times longer than the inherent nature. To do this, you need only "correct"
    Our DNA. Although gerontologists doubt
    this perspective, and continue to insist that the maximum life span
    person does not exceed 120-125 years.

    Why do we age?

    the average life expectancy in developed countries is 75 years. And
    Projections World Health Organization, it can increase no more,
    than 5-10 years. But periodically
    Internet and media flashed information about long-livers who turned 100 years
    age limit and at the same time feeling
    much better some of the 60-year-olds.

    We understand, whether really in today actively to reach at least the notorious
    120 and that it needs to do.

    Gerontology has not yet given a clear answer
    the question of what determines the nature of aging and how to stop it.
    However, there are several independent from each other theories.

    the disposable soma
    " British Professor Tom Kirkwood states
    that prolong the life of an organism capable of genes, but only when the balance
    between costs and benefits is such longevity. It can be long
    the "podlatyvat" of the body mechanisms, which are worn over the years. but
    one day resources
    recovery become too "expensive", as is the case with the old
    cars. And then the "soma" (body) "written off
    to the scrap. "

    programmed death "of California geneticist Walter Longo
    acknowledges the aging of the genetically-programmed
    state, which is designed to eliminate the older members of the population to
    free way to young.

    scientists Vladimir Frolov and Evgeny Kustov
    during scientific experiments
    1990s brought Typically the relationship of energy consumption and life expectancy:
    the more energy is consumed by the body, the less the term of his life. Under
    energy we mean mainly the energy of breathing, that the body gets
    inhalation-exhalation of air. That breath when testing was the most accurate indicator of human health. There are factors that lead to a reduction in energy
    breathing and increase the lifetime, - a decrease in the oxygen concentration in the
    air (usually in the mountains), reducing the frequency and inspiratory breathing capacity, reduced body temperature, and thermal
    loss into the environment of the organism.
    In more detail these processes Academician Scrubs described in his book "longevity Breathing".

    Vladislav Ryabtsev doctor
    It connects the causes of most diseases and aging
    with impaired endothelial function, special layer of cells lining the inside
    vessels of all organs (endothelial dysfunction).

    In addition, scientists
    centenarians in the study of the image of life in different countries around the world have identified one
    general line for them - higher
    resistance to stress.

    Thus, according to
    researchers, on
    health and life expectancy is influenced by lifestyle
    smoking, stress, and other
    material and domestic factors) climatic conditions (concentration
    oxygen and air temperature) Human genetic biology
    (Heredity, and deterioration of the body's ability to restore function
    cells and organs).

    At what age are launched processes

    American scientists have experimentally found that for 40 years in the brain gradually
    stops producing myelin (a mixture of protein and lipoid substances in
    part of the nerve fiber membrane). And from that age gradually deteriorate
    motor and cognitive functions, that is, it begins aging.

    what methods
    slow down the aging of the organism exist?

    1. Healthy
      sleep, diet, exercise and stress free life

      Gerontology again offers old recipes
      extension of active life: exercise
      at least 3.4 hours per week, 7 hours sleep a day, low-calorie diet, the minimum
      stress and a little dry red wine ... :)

      All of this could be real, but the state of stress
      It has long been familiar to the Russians - in
      force malokomfortnyh living conditions, a complete lack of censorship in the media and
      periodic medical errors (according to the academician prof. AG? Chuchalina,
      "Russian medical errors in more than 30% ...").

    2. Rejuvenating
      cosmetic procedures.

      Cosmetic medicine - the way of serious self-restraint and large
      money. It improves the quality of the new generations of cells
      organs in the body, but does not guarantee it. Furthermore, it experiments with
      stem cells with a lethal outcome caused some patients
      scandals in recent years.

      When using the self-rejuvenating
      cosmetics need to know that part of the funds accelerates the aging process due to 2-dimethylaminoethanol
      (DMAE) in their composition, which causes
      death of skin cells.

    3. decrease
      biological age.

      Togliatti doctor Vladislav Ryabtsev to Fight
      aging proposes to reduce the biological age 10-25 years later
      update the cellular composition of the body. By successfully tested the technique on
      Me and a few friends, but the mass distribution has not been made and
      evidence of a clinical trial does not.

    4. Endogenous
      (Oxygen-free) breathing with the help of the breathing simulator Frolov.

      developed by Vladimir Frolov and Evgeny Kustov in the early 1990s on the basis of different principles of effective breathing
      gymnastics (from yoga and qigong breathing to Buteyko, and Strelnikova). Respiratory
      Frolov's trainer took the best from each of the techniques. his use of technology is based
      on diaphragmatic breathing and is available even 4-year-old child.

      breathing create the effect of staying in the mountains, where the lowered oxygen content, increase
      respiratory system reserves, reduce the minute volume and respiratory rate. I.e -
      create preconditions for longevity.

      Unlike other
      techniques, breathing simulator Frolov (known as TDI-01 - Individual breathing simulator) was
      Numerous clinical trials and is recommended for use
      Ministry of Health. Thousands of reviews of real patients talking about
      that the constant breathing exercises with Frolov's trainer eliminate the causes
      many diseases, improve physical and mental performance,
      temper the immune system, strengthens the body's resistance to stress and unfavorable

      The effectiveness
      TDI-01 is the fact that almost immediately after the appearance on the market
      breathing simulator Frolov started to appear it simplified and complicated
      variations with different names and brands. Today, only the copyright holder
      technical documentation and legal
      manufacturer improved version
      TDI-01 is a versatile company "Harmony" (Samara). Other companies either supply
      less efficient units, which have no relation to the
      Kustov development and Frolova, or
      produce simplified modification of TDI-01 under different names.

      characteristics of the various versions of the breathing simulator Frolov You can
      look here.

    What a way to slow the aging choose?

    To answer this question you need to do.

    When reserve finances and time may experience
    anti-aging treatments and personal fitness.

    If you are willing to experiment, try the technology
    reduce biological age.

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