How to recognize the early symptoms of varicose veins?


How to recognize the early symptoms of varicose veins?Someone thinks,
that in our life everything is predetermined, and all the events that happen to us,
subordinated incomprehensible, but a clear logic. Someone, on the contrary, I am confident that our
future depends only on us, we are paving their actions
the journey of life. Whatever it was, but also those, and others quite easily
may surprise the disease and ailments. For some diseases to
For the time being does not manifest themselves actively, and recalls us, only when
illness has flourished. However, we have the opportunity to pre-warn
some trouble, and help us in this our body.

the body is different with wisdom and foresight. He has a lot of
signal circuits, which it uses when it wants to notify us of the danger.
As soon as the likelihood of the disease, the body immediately begins to beat
alarm, sending many signs of what had happened. We used to call these signs
symptoms. And our main goal - to be able to notice them and thus
a way to identify the disease in the bud, if not avoid it.

The earliest symptoms of varicose
veins, no doubt, are so, know that it is essential and necessary. For varicose veins strike in two directions: on
the health of our feet and on their appearance, ie. e. for their beauty. What woman
It wants to "show off" on the beach with blue "stars"? Furthermore, women
suffer from this affliction more often than men. So we just need to be
fully armed. Varicose veins manifest extension of the surface (saphenous) vein,
that it is usually caused by a breach of venous blood flow in the lower
limbs. What are the symptoms may tell us that we are approaching the area
the risk?

  • Pain in the legs.
  • Heaviness in the legs
    after a long stay in a standing or sitting position.
  • Swelling,
    mainly in the evening.
  • Cramps in the legs,
    occurring during sleep.
  • Changes in the external
    the type and condition of the skin on my feet - it is dry, and the spots may appear
    "Spider veins"
  • emerges varicose
    veins in the legs.

These are the
most signs, by which the body indicates to us that it requires
help. But what kind of help do you mean? Firstly, it is necessary to seem
special doctor - phlebologist. Accurate and definitive diagnosis can only put
he. Secondly, it is necessary to carefully study your wardrobe and, if necessary,
abandon tight underwear, tight shoes and shoes with high heels.
This will reduce the load on the veins. Thirdly, it is necessary to pay attention to your image
life. Bad habits such as smoking and drinking, in addition to
that negatively affect many organs in our body, yet very
bad for circulation. Fourthly, it is important to make sure that in your
the diet was sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables, vitamins and minerals
which contribute to the strengthening of the vascular wall.

And, of course, not
let us not forget about the special medical preparations, which can be
to use for the prevention of varicose veins. It is in this drug is Antistax®. It is based on an extract of red vine leaves, which is
superb antioxidant due to flavonoids, biologically active substances that improve blood circulation and strengthen the walls of blood vessels. Antistax®
available in three different forms, convenient for use: it is a capsule, gel
and spray. Antistax® in capsules intended for the reception of the course (2-3 months), eliminating
leg pain and feeling of heaviness, relieves swelling, improves blood circulation,
protect your veins from the inside.

Antistax® Spray
instantly gives the feet a comfortable feeling, cools and moisturizes the skin of the feet,
maintaining their beauty. The spray comes in handy small spray can, which
you can easily take with you to work on a business trip or vacation. Antistax® Gel
is also designed for outdoor use, quickly removes the feeling of heaviness and
tired legs, has a cooling effect. You can combine different forms
preparation, for example, while taking the capsules and a daily
using the gel. Such a double blow to the unpleasant symptoms will further
faster to achieve the desired positive results.

Thus, given the
all of the above, it can be concluded that better avoid certain diseases,
later than engage in lengthy and not always easy treatment. The main thing -
to listen to the signals your body's wisdom and time to do the right

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