Why the eyes are scratched

The eyes of a modern man are experiencing a colossal load: we spend a lot of time, staring in computer monitors, screen screens, tablets and phones. And some sacrifice invaluable sleep clock in the sense of knitting, embroidery, sewing or reading. The result is one - the vision over time begins to deteriorate.

To save eyes from diseases that, as they definitely reduce the quality of vision, it is important not to miss the slightest symptom indicating the appearance of an ailment. Timely diagnosis and treatment will help keep eyes healthy. One of the most eloquent signs of the development of one or another ophthalmic disease is itching. MirSoveto proposes to consider all the reasons for which eyes can be.

Why the eyes are scratched: the area of ​​the defeat - the eyelid

eyes, vision, itching, ophthalmology, itchy eyes

Itching, localized in the field of the century, is the most common symptom of various eye diseases, and therefore the reasons for its appearance quite a lot. Here are the most important factors that cause an unpleasant item feeling in the age of:

  • diseases caused by infection;
  • Allergic reaction to poor-quality or incorrectly selected cosmetics;
  • Long wearing Contact lenses, Wrong care;
  • side effect of using eye drops;
  • sedimentation on the mucous membrane of the eyes of floral pollen or wool pets;
  • Demodecosis - skin lesion by tick;
  • various ophthalmic diseases;
  • Incorrect routine of the day, as a result of which the eyes are strongly overwhelmed;
  • Work associated with a long stay in front of the computer monitor.

Of course, you need to treat not the symptom itself, but caused it. So, antibacterial drops and ointments are successfully used to eliminate the infection, and antihistamines will help with allergies from which the eyes will be allowed. If the problem is related to the wearing of contact lenses, then for safety eyes, it is better to change them to better or at all replace with glasses. To get rid of skin Tick, It takes a long-term comprehensive treatment with antiparasitic drugs, in the process of which all pathogenic microorganisms will be gradually destroyed. To completely get rid of the inflammatory response caused by demodex, you will also have to undergo a course of treatment with antiallergic drugs. People who spend a lot of time, peering into the computer monitor, you need to stockday «Artificial tears». These are special drops that protect the mucous membrane of the eye from drying out and irritation.

Additional symptoms of an allergic reaction

eyes, vision, itching, ophthalmology, itchy eyes

If the child has already been stretched by a cam to her eyes to lose them, Mom must be alerted. Unfortunately, not everyone knows that it can cause itching in the eyes of the baby and how soon you need to consult a doctor. Let's consider different situations.

Itching is a sign of allergies.

The children's body has not yet managed to develop a full-fledged protection system, and therefore it is very sensitive to various allergens. What it can be - home dust, food, pet wool or made of synthetic materials toy - individual question. Try to recall when the child began to rub the eyes that preceded by this? With suspected allergies, you need to get to the children's ophthalmologist as soon as possible.

Itchy - symptom of microscopic wound.

Baby's eyes want to scratch when in a century or cornea there is a healing wound. As you know, for regeneration, the body produces specific healing substances that cause itching. Such symptoms are not dangerous, and pass by themselves.

Itch is caused by a foreign body that fell into the eye.

Visible redness in protein, itching and general discomfort can be the cause of an outsider, which is in the eye. You will most likely not be able to see the confusion - it's too small, but the feelings from her presence in the baby quite real. How to be in such a situation? Brew tea, dilute it and rinse your child with this solution. Suitable for this purpose and purified water. After washing, cut into the affected eye of the baby any children's eye drops (for example, sodium sulphacyl 20%). It is possible that itch will remain for a while.

Itching is a tired signal.

Most often, a small child tert eyes from overvoltage: fatigue causes the breath of the mucous membrane of the eye, as a result of which itching appears. Where to seek to blame? Modern Beach for wounded children's eyes - a long stay in front of the TV, a total passion for computer games, which is sometimes even encouraged by parents. If a small child begins to rub his eyes, looking at a certain time favorite cartoons, think about shortening the viewing time next time. Games on a computer for older children need to strictly dose: 1-1.5 hours and no more. It is important to arrange breaks during the day for a child in the form of walks or sleep, then soon there will be no trace from problems with eyes.

Itching as a sign of impassability of the lacrimal canal.

This problem is relevant primarily for infant children. In such a situation, it is not a doctor without a doctor: only a specialist will choose the right course of treatment. Depending on the state of the kid, you can assign a massage, special medicines for eyes (drops or ointment) or a simple sensing operation. The main signs of the impassibility of the lacrimal canal at the kid is considered:

  • selection of purulent or white mass from the lacrimal channel of one or both eyes;
  • deployment;
  • Sleeping eyelashes after sleep.

Itching as a manifestation of conjunctivitis.

In children, conjunctivitis is not less common than adults. To the treatment of a disease that has an allergic or viral origin, you need to proceed immediately. For this you first need to save the child from unpleasant symptoms in the form of pain and itching, and then direct all the forces to suppress infection. High efficiency in the fight against conjunctivitis is no longer the first ten years show eye ointment tetracycline 1%, Eye drops Sulfacyl sodium 20% and eye drops Levomycetin.

Prevention of eye diseases

eyes, vision, itching, ophthalmology, itchy eyes

  1. The workplace of the adult and the child should be well lit. Lighting Source (Lamp with Plafofon) You need to post 50 cm to the right of the documents (books, notebooks).
  2. Remember the mandatory working conditions for the computer. A safe for the eye is considered a gap to the monitor at a distance of an extended hand. While reading a book Place 30 cm from the eyes.
  3. Let's breathe a break throughout the day. It is very useful to break off for a couple of minutes from important work and watch in the distance.
  4. Teach your child to use the scarf, wash your hands after the street, visits to the toilet, before eating.
  5. Use proven brands of contact lenses. Women need to choose only high-quality decorative cosmetics. If you have reason to consider yourself allergic, then cosmetics must also be hypoallergenic.

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