Sulfacyl sodium - Preparation of first aid for the eyes

The purpose of this article is to introduce readers with the most popular eye drops, which are called sodium sulfacyl. They are not magical, they will not make eyes more beautiful, but their presence in a home aid kit will help quickly put a barrier on the way the infectious eye inflammation. Standing sodium sulfacyl is quite inexpensive. Released without a doctor's prescription.

The purpose of this article is to introduce readers our site with the most popular eye drops, which are called sulphacyl sodium. They are not magical, they will not make eyes more beautiful, but their presence in home first aid kit It will help to quickly put a barrier on the way that began infectious eye inflammation. More recently, these drops were required as part of a car aid kit, but by order of the Ministry of Health and Social Development were excluded from there along with the rest of the tablets and solutions.

What is sulphacyl sodium

Sulphazyl sodium refers to antimicrobial, simply speaking, antiseptic, preparations of a group of sulfonamide. From antibiotics sulfonamides differ in origin: antibiotics were «Sounded» On mold fungi and bacteria, and sulfonamides «Found» in aniline dyes.

How were sulfonamides?

The history of the opening of sulfonamide began in the distant 1908., When the Austrian chemist student. Helmo synthesized sulfanimide as a basis for sustainable dyes, and for 20 years no one guess his antimicrobial action. In 1935. Another German chemist g. GoseGC during the experiment introduced mice, infected with streptococcus, various substances and watched the reaction. He discovered among aniline dyes a substance - ripped, or red streptocid, saved experimental animals from streptococcal infection, but not acting on these bacteria outside the body. For this discovery of g. GOMEGC was awarded the Nobelian Prize. Later it was found that the decay occurs in the body ripped to the formation of sulfanyamide, acting on bacteria and in the body and outside the body. GoseGC held a clinical experiment on his own daughter, by negligent needle a needle, which when trying to extract her broke. I had to contact surgeons that got the needle and put the seams. And the next day the hand is swollen - pronounced inflammation began, which came to the elbow. At that time there was only one way of salvation of the child's life - amputation. Then Gomegk decided and, with the consent of surgeons, began treatment with pronosil, introducing it intravenously. On the second day the temperature began to decline, the edema decreased, and soon the girl was fully recovered.

Other preparations based on sulfanyamide were created later, and sodium sulfacyl.

Properties sulfacyl sodium

Eye drops sulphacyl sodium
Sulfacyl sodium (or as it is often called albucid) has the international name sulfacetamide.

Antimicrobial effect sulphazyl sodium bacteriostatic. This means that the drug stops the reproduction of bacteria, which helps its own forces of the body (immunity) to cope with infection. That is, for treatment with bacteriostatic preparations, two conditions are needed: the local nature of infection and strong immunity. The mechanism of action is that the microbes for vital activity requires para -aminobenzoic acid, and sulfonamides have chemical similarities with this most acid and enter instead of chemical reactions in the body of bacteria. This leads to a violation of the vital activity of bacteria.

Sutrija sulfacyl is active with respect to gram-positive and gram-negative coccquits, intestinal sticks, shgella, cholera vibrio, toxoplasm. Penetrates the fabric and fluid of the eye, it can be absorbed into the bloodstream due to the fall in the tear canal on the system of lymphottock or through the inflamed conjuncture.

Drug shape sulfacyl sodium - Eye drops. The content of the active substance is 20%. Eye drops are available in vials, bottles with dropper and tube tubes. Our site recommends that its readers acquire sodium sulphacyl in more convenient packages, such as a bottle with a dropper (5 or 10 ml volume) or a dropper tube (their two in the package of 1.5 ml), and if the bottle was bought without a dropper, You must additionally purchase a pipette.

Indications, contraindications and special instructions

Apply eye drops
Sodium sulphacyl is shown in conjunctivitis, blufarite, purulent corneal ulcers, for the prevention and treatment of blemores (that is, acute purulent eye inflammation caused by a gonococcal) in newborns, gonorrheal and chlamydial diseases of the eyes in adults, as well as for the prevention of conjunctivitis when inherited , dust, sand.

Contraindications: Hypersensitivity, that is, an allergic response to sulfonamides in the past.

Side effects: burning, tear, thread, itching in the eyes, allergic reactions. The degree of severity of side action depends on the individual characteristics of the person.

Special instructions: Patients with increased sensitivity to furosemide, thiazide diuretics, sulfonylurea or carboanhydrase inhibitors may have increased sensitivity to sulfacetamide. This is the so-called cross-allergy.

Mircellies advises their readers not to use sodium sulphacyl jointly with local leverage and tetracain and drops containing silver salts.

Method of use and dose: Locally, I bury 1-2 drops to each conjunctival bag 4-6 times a day. Note, if the inflammatory process on one eye is treated, anyway both eyes so that the infection does not shift into a healthy. And first bury in the eye, where inflammation is less pronounced!!! Purchase eye drops need lying or sitting, throwing the head, you need to pull out the lower eyelid and drip closer to the inner corner. It is better to dig in the child in conjunction with the assistant who holds the child handles and legs, and the second person, spreading his fingers of the eyelids, produces instillation. In the maternity hospital, be ordered for the prevention of blemores in newborns: 2 drops in each conjunctival bag directly after birth and 2 drops - after 2 hours.

It should be paid to the fact that there is a thorns on the tube-dropper or bottle cap, therefore its cover is not tightly screwed, before starting the application, the cover should be screwed tightly to spike puncture hole.

How else can I use sodium sulphacyl?

Drops and nose
Sodium sulfacyl can be buried not only in the eyes, but also in the nose. Pediatricians are quite often prescribed by a protracted cold when the snot is green, which indicates the attachment of a bacterial infection. When using sodium sulphacian in the nose, it is also possible to feel a burning sensation that I don't like small kids.

You can also order sodium sulphacyl in the ears when Acute Middle Otitis, only it is necessary to dissolve it with boiled water 2 or 4 times.

Sulphazyl sodium is used and for treating eyes to pets, ranging from dogs and cats and ending with turtles and birds.

Stands sodium sulfacyl is quite inexpensive, no more than 30 rubles. Released without a doctor's prescription.

MPSovet recommends that its readers pay attention to the storage conditions of sodium sulfacyl, which are written in the instructions for the specific packaging of the drug you purchased. Depending on the manufacturer, they may vary, but the outdoor bottle or tube-dropper is always stored in the refrigerator and no longer than the week.

Currently, sulfanimamides have lost a leading place in a number of antibacterial drugs, as the bacteria resistant to them appeared, and the science does not stand still, all the time new substances are created with antimicrobial effects. But sometimes the old proven drug is better than new: it has long been known, cheap, accessible and in the absence of other drugs, as well as qualified medical care can help in the prevention and treatment of eye infections and ... Rubber or otitis. In short, sodium sulphacyl - a preparation for home, country, hiking and vacation aid kit.

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