Polyps in the stomach, species and treatment

Increasingly, gastroenterologists are diagnosed - Polyps in the stomach. This disease is detected in children, adolescents and to a greater extent in those who have achieved the age of 40-50 years. If you or relatives have not bypassed this ailment, this article may be useful. We will tell you that they are polyps, whether they carry the danger and how to cure them.

Increasingly and more often, gastroenterologists put diagnosed patients who appeal to them - Polyps in the stomach. This disease is detected in children, adolescents and to a greater extent - in those who have achieved the age of 40-50 years. If you or relatives have not bypassed this ailment, this article may be useful. Our site will tell you that they are polyps, whether they are dangerous and how to cure them.

What is polyps, causes of their occurrence

Polypami doctors call tumors on the leg arising on the walls of the hollow organ and hanging into his lumen. According to one given, the term introduced a hippocrat for the first time, on others - Galen. This can be translated from the Greek two parts of this word: poli - a lot and PUS - leg, literally - Multoon. They are referred to benign formations. Most often, the causes of these growths are the vices of the development of the gastric mucosa, its constant inflammation (gastritis) atrophy and hyperplasia, as well as hereditary predisposition.

Types of polyps, their description

Polyps in the stomach, species and treatment
Adenomatous polyps are most common - insidious formations growing on the mucous membrane (in places of its atrophy) and containing ferrous fabric in its structure. They are dangerous in that they can be reincarnated in malignant (cancer) tumors. This process of rebirth is called Malignization. Such a polyp has a body and a leg and looks like an appearance on a hanging fungus or berry. If the leg rubs, the polyp can be bleeded, then it happens vomiting with blood, and the chair becomes dark. But not all polyps have legs.

Hyperplastic polyps are highlights towering on a wide base above the gastric mucosa and similar to the wart. Such formations arise in chronic gastritis - inflammations that keep in the launched state and do not treat.

According to the quantitative indicator, these formations are divided into single and multiple. Sometimes the polyps grow tens, then the diagnosis is polyposis. Polyps can be small, size with millet, and sometimes the magnitudes of chicken eggs are achieved. Rounded, spherical, oval, papillary, grinding, covered with vile and reminded cauliflower - they are also called papillomas, here they are most often reborn in cancer. The color is also different - from the shades of gray to pink.

Hypertrophic forms happen in young people, but adenomatous are characteristic of middle and old age.

Individual and distinctive symptoms in the disease. Often the polyps are masked under the other aahs, for example, gastritis. Signs of gastritis - heartburn, feeling of gravity under the spoon, exhaust air and food, pain, nausea, unstable stool, unpleasant odor of oral cavity. Many disappears appetite and the body weight decreases. Hemoglobin and the amount of red blood cells are reduced in the blood.

The diagnosis is made after research - X-ray and gastroscopy.

If the polyp does not exhibit intensive growth, then you can still postpone surgical intervention. But once every six months attend the attending physician and undergo a survey of the gastric mucosa layer, called fibrogastroscopy.

Nutrition Recommendations

Polyps in the stomach, species and treatment
First of all, it is necessary to establish proper nutrition and stick to the diet, then the growth of polyps will slow down or will disappear at all.

  1. Exclude from the daily diet very salty or excessively acute food, alcohol, marinades, smoked, firmly brewed tea and coffee.
  2. Preference give boiled food, and not roasted.
  3. Eat in small portions, but several times a day.
  4. Do not rush while eating, carefully chew food.
  5. Watch out for the state of the teeth, treat and spend prosthetics in a timely manner. Gastroenterologists noticed that almost 99% of patients suffering from atrophic gastritis, there are no teeth or amazed Caries. So, in the oral cavity, many microbes that come with food and in the stomach, condemning it to suffering.
  6. Do not eat through force if there is no appetite, it means that there is no sufficient amount of acid in the stomach, which is necessary for splitting and digesting food. But water and juices at this time need to drink.
  7. Drink daily viburnum berries. Of course, many do not like her bitter taste. But if you eat about half a large glass of berries per day, then you can cure atrophic gastritis and polyps without surgery. You can squeeze juice from berries and drink 0.5 cups twice - in the morning and in the evening before going to bed. If you wish, add honey, sugar or boiled water. Kalina is perfectly stored in the freezer. The juice and butter of sea buckthorn possesses the same action. Oil can be bought at the pharmacy or cook at home. Homemade oil will even more efficiently. Take a teaspoon of sea buckthorn oil 3 times a day 20 minutes before meals.
  8. Cabbage juice is very useful, especially with hyperplastic polyps. Cabbage will reduce the manifestations of gastritis, healing the mucous layer of the stomach, then the polyps will disappear. If there is no juicer, you can flash each spoonful of cabbage salad for a long time.
  9. Do not forget to eat hazelnut, it improves the work of the stomach and intestines.

When the polyp is hyperplastic, then it is enough to cure gastritis so that this formation disappeared and no longer appeared. But the adenomatous polyps must be tried to treat various means. If the doctor still recommends operational removal, then preventive curses of treating herbs should be carried out so that these inspired «guests» no longer settled in the stomach.

Polyps folk remedies

Polyps in the stomach, species and treatment
This is what phytotherapists for treatment are recommended today.

  1. The most important assistant in the fight against polyps - Cellular.

Infusion, juice, tincture of the grass of this wonderful plant are prescribed not only for polyps, but also with various tumors, gastritis, ulcerative processes. Celest large has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anesthetic, migratory and antitumor effect. I will give one of the recipes. Dains: We take a teaspoon of the grass cleanly, we smell into a jar or a thermos, pour a glass of boiling water, closing. Wrap. After 6 hours, you can fix the prepared medicine. Three times a day to drink for a third of a glass in 30 minutes before each meal. 5 days carry out treatment, the following 5 days - rest. Need to hold 4 such courses. If during the first five days the well-being good, without side effects, then in the next three courses you can increase the dose of grass when brewing up to 2 teaspoons.

Attention! Currently, it is necessary to be treated with caution, observing the dosage and under the control of the doctor. If the body is slapped, thirst may appear, dizziness, pain in the stomach area. Be sure to control the pressure if you are a hypotonik.

  • Collecting with a clean region: Mix 3 st. Spoons of grass Celebre, 3 st. Spoons of grass or Tolody flowers (you can find in some pharmacies), 2 st. Spoons of Grass Rephetka (he also already began to appear in pharmacies), 2 st. Spoons of flowerfish calendula (marigolds). 1 Art is taken. A spoon of the mixed mixture, 1.5 glasses of boiling water poured and 5 hours or night insisted. Infusion neatly filtering. It is also accepted for a third of a glass three times a day 30 minutes before eating food. The course is ten days, further rest for five days, then another course, again five days of rest and the last course.
  • The following herbs are also useful for the normal functioning of the stomach - Pijmas flowers, mint leaves, licorice root, chamomile flowers, immorteller flowers, Tmin Seeds, Hypericum Grass, Roots Nather and Birch Mushroom (Chaga).
  • Another famous recipe. We will need - 7 yolks, 6 tablespoons of purified seeds from pumpkins, 500 ml of sunflower oil. Weld the booze eggs, take from them for therapeutic composition only yolks, renovate for a fork or rub on the grain. On the coffee grinder grind pumpkin seeds. Mix all with sunflower oil. In the water bath hold this mixture of 20 minutes. When cooled, place for storage in the refrigerator. Eat tea spoons in the morning for five days. Then five-day break. And again receiving. So alternate receptions with a break, while all the medicine is not taking. After it is useful to conduct a treatment with a purest.
  • To prevent the rebirth of polyps in malignant education, it is recommended to take marine algae called fuus.
  • The appearance of polyps is a signal that is not all right with the body. Regularly carry out cleaning from slags, toxins, harmful substances and feel right.

    Polyps Removal Operations

    Polyps in the stomach, species and treatment
    Polypectomy - Endoscopic Polypa Removal Method. No cut is done, only a modern gastroscope is needed. With a special loop, the polyp is cut into mechanically.

    Polypectomy, at which the electrocoagulation of the base of the polyp is carried out using a diathermic loop or biopsy nippers. Endoscope is used, thanks to which you can make a biopsy (take a polypa cell morphological analysis). The procedure is performed in the morning, on an empty stomach. The patient is pre-carried out anesthesia of the pharynx and zea. Most often, the patient is placed on the operating table on the left side of the body, he is asked to bend legs in the knees. In some cases, the position on the back. Modern fiberandoscopes make it carefully and thoroughly study the condition of the esophagus mucosa, the stomach before the operation and high-techly eliminate the polyp gentle. Advanced Medical Centers Apply the latest two-channel fibroenindoscopes that facilitate the removal of polyps.

    After the procedure, the patient needs a special diet, which includes liquid and masculine food, as the stomach mucosa is injured.

    Tissue healing takes place from 10 to 60 days. The control examination of the stomach after this gentle operation is carried out in 10-14 days. In the future, visit the doctor and make gastroscopic examinations it is necessary 3 months after removing the polypa, and then 1 time in 6 months, since recurrents and the appearance of new polyps.

    Surgical polypectomy (excision with a piece of mucosa tissue) is shown only in cases where modern methods are not possible to perform for technical reasons, or there are contraindications.

    If it turns out that there are malignant cells in the polype, then conduct gastrectomy, implying partial or complete removal of the stomach.

    MirSoveto reminds his readers - do not neglect the advice to doctors and modern surveys and the achievements of medicine. An experienced doctor will tell you what method of treatment is suitable for the patient - operational or folk remedies. In all cases, you need an individual approach. Take care of your health.

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