Standal Syndrome, Symptoms and Treatment

Art objects are able to fascinate and admire, and some people under the impression of what they saw lose control of themselves and fall into the affect state. Read about this phenomenal phenomenon in the article.

Any mental deviation imposes a certain imprint on the character and behavior of a person. To identify disorder and put the correct diagnosis, doctors study the psychic and emotional state of the patient using various diagnostic techniques.

Meet health practices and rare, poorly studied psychiatric syndromes. Doctors make every effort to help such people, focusing primarily on the origin of pathology. It may be neurological or psychiatric. Interestingly, some syndromes are so not investigated in practice, which is considered only a form of general disorder. This means that reliable reasons for their development scientists are not yet clear. Such mental deviations are often called in honor of cities, famous people or significant events to emphasize the specific feature of these states.

As a bright example of such diseases, we give the standing syndrome. The state is considered to be a psychosomatic deviation, which manifests itself in excessive emotionality and susceptibility of a person when it comes to any work of art. Impressed by the web written by the hand of the famous master, the patient may be so plunged into the picture that some time loses the bill of time and falls out of reality.

Standal Syndrome: Historical Help

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Standal Syndrome bears the name of the French founder of the literary psychological novel XIX ST. Marie Henri Beil, whose works were published under the pseudonym Standal. This man had a subtle mental organization and was very eccentric. Once he visited Florence, where he visited the Basilica Santa Croce to admire the extracts of Jotto di Bondone. The decoration of the church so shocked the writer that he almost lost his feelings - his heart beat so much and his head began to. A little later, he described in detail this condition in one of his books, and, without suspecting, gave the name of one of the most interesting «Trade» Human psyche.

For the first time this acute response to art objects thoroughly studied and described the psychiatrist Graziell Magecherini in 1979. Remembering that something similar mentioned in his book and standal, the doctor named the strange diseases of the standing syndrome. The beginning of numerous studies put the history of travelers: the young tourist from Germany lost his feelings near the basilica, and a young American who lost his memory for a while and the ability to speak after the sculpture of David got into his eyes.

Causes of disorder development

nervous system, nervous diseases, psychiatry, psyche, mental illness, mental disorders, standal syndrome

After studying the general features of some cases of such a kind of clouding, scientists were able to identify the symptoms characteristic of the bench syndrome:

  • obsession with hallucinations;
  • heartbearance;
  • loss of control over their own body;
  • headache and dizziness;
  • partial or full faint.

In the risk group in the frequency of morbidity there are young women 25 - 30 years old and older ladies 40 - 45 years. In addition, to experience signs of Wandal syndrome have every chance of sophisticated, from nature very emotional people who relate to all of the beautiful enthusiasm. Another category of potential victims of an unusual disorder unites people who planned too long to go somewhere, so that with their own eyes to see this or that work of art, and finally carried out conceived.

Treatment of syndrome

Today, lovers travel, not burdened financial problems, all roads are open - just buy a plane ticket, and after a while you have a goal, anywhere in the globe. Although the cases of Wandal syndrome are not so often who said that one day you will not witness one of them? Our site is forced to admit that there is no clear first aid algorithm in such a situation, again due to the fact that such disorders are not massive. Seeing a strongly promoted person, noting him noisy breathing with shortness of breath and other signs of bad well-being, the best thing you can do - as soon as possible «pull out» unfortunate from the situation that caused such a breathtaking effect so as not to prevent the deterioration of its condition.

nervous system, nervous diseases, psychiatry, psyche, mental illness, mental disorders, standal syndrome

When a person who became bad, will be away from an annoying factor, give him water, try to speak with him to lead to a feeling. If the tourist is too bad, call ambulance.

Acute shape of Standal syndrome requires treatment in the hospital of a psychiatric medical institution. Depending on the state of the patient, various groups of neuroleptics preparations are used, but their action is reduced to one: suppression of anxiety, elimination of fear and nervous excitation, to delivered the patient from unpleasant vegetative symptoms. At the same time, injections are made by chlorpromazine and haloperidol drugs. With a non-complicated standing syndrome, instead, you can do the tranquilizers diazepam and chloridiazepoxide.

The specificity of the patient's further treatment is determined by its general mental state. The problem of hallucinations, delusional state and stupors are solved using intravenous droppers of sedatives. After sure to prescribe restorative and generalifying therapy.

One of the most effective techniques for the treatment of Standal syndrome is rational psychotherapy, which helps the patient to restore and analyze the events that caused such a mental injury. Support for an experienced specialist helps the patient significantly reduce degrees of psychosomatic voltage.

Treatment of stand syndrome independently, without the help of qualified doctors, leads to a deterioration in the state of the patient.

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