Treating angina and cough in children

I will not open the Secret, if I say that an anemy at least once in his life was sick. Everyone is well known this unpleasant feeling of throat and swallowing pain. Children are most often susceptible to this disease. Angina is the result of weakened immunity, in which the infection, falling into the child's body, begins to actively develop.

I will not open the Secret, if I say that an anemy at least once in his life was sick. Everyone is well known this unpleasant feeling of throat and swallowing pain.

Children are most often susceptible to this disease, especially in the cold season. But, before listing ways to deal with Angina, let's figure it out.

Angina is an acute infectious disease in which almonds are infected with. Cause diseases of staphylococci, streptococci, pneumococci and adenoviruses. These bacteria and viruses are transmitted by air-droplet and fall into the body when contacting patients. But not only bacteria and viruses can cause angina. Caries teeth, hymorit, And adenoids can provoke the growth of bacteria in the oral cavity and, as a result, the child appears angina. The statement that the angina appears from the fact that the child rocked her legs and frozen, not quite right. Angina is the result of weakened immunity, in which the infection, falling into the child's body, begins to actively develop. Therefore, that your child does not hurt angina, strengthen his immunity. First of all, sweep it with juices, but not purchased, but with your own hands. And strengthen baby health hardening. You want a healthy baby - do not be lazy!

Views of Angina

Treating angina and cough in children
Return to Angina. Distinguish several of her species. It is a catarrhal, follicular and lacunar. There are other species, but children are rare in children, and we will not consider them.

At catarrhal angina Suchness and disintegration of the throat appears, which gradually develops into pain and in general malaise, cough appears. Not rare pain when swallowing gives in ear. The body temperature during catarrhal angina increases slightly. Very often, such a soul throat can also take place. Lymph nodes can be slightly increased. Looking into the throat, you will see very reddened and enlarged almonds. It takes such an angina 3-5 days.

Follicular angina Starts with chills and a sharp increase in body temperature. When swallowing, severe pain. The general condition is sharply deteriorating, headache and lubrication appears in the joints and muscles. Improving and sore lymph nodes under the jaw. On inflamed almonds you can see blessing formations, the size of the pin. Such an angina in the people called purulent. It occurs hard and lasts 5-7 days.

At Lacooner angina Temperature of the body up to 39-40 degrees. Obb, severe throat pain, and also headache and pain in the muscles and joints. With severe forms there may be pain in the heart. Lacooner angina is characterized by a large salivation. And children may have vomiting. The cervical lymph nodes increase greatly, almonds are covered with a yellowish white film. Such angrint is very violently. May last 5-7 days. At the same time, low temperature can hold on after weakening the main symptoms.

Usually, angina begins in a child suddenly. He has sharply increases the temperature, pain in the throat, the almonds increase, the child is capricious, refuses to eat. During this period, it must be fed with a coat of food, pour juices and warm tea.

Of course, determine what kind of angina the child should your attending physician. But there are such situations, for example, when the disease began at night or on a day off and a doctor for the house is impossible. Of course, if a child has a fever, then you should call «Emergency». But in any case, each mother should know how to help his child while the qualified help.

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Treating angina and cough in children
I want to share with moms my experience of treating an anea. First of all, if the child has increased temperatures, you need to give antipyretic. A small child, especially if he is sick and it is difficult for him to swallow, it is very difficult to make drinking any drugs, even if they are nice to taste. In these cases, I was always cut down Cefecon candles. Heat they lower quickly without damaging your child's stomach. When the temperature decreases, the general condition of the child is improving - releases headache and loss in the joints, and muscle weakness is reduced, passes nausea.

I must say that in our family always treated honey and propolis. Our grandfather kept an apiary, and there was always in the house, both. So honey and propolis I constantly used Treating angina and cough in children. My children grew up and became adults, but now we use the same recipes that I want to share with the readers our website.

Milk with honey and rinsing of the throat with soda mortar are considered traditional means of treating pain in the throat. But! Not all children love milk with honey (my just spoiled him). And about the rinse of soda - it is generally a separate conversation!

I treated my throat pain in children in several ways. Here they are.

  1. Propolis tincture has excellent healing. She is preparing very simple. 30 grams of propolis remove half an hour in the refrigerator. After cooling it can be easily crushed with a hammer, after wrapped in a napkin. Then we pour the resulting propolis powder in 100 grams of alcohol and let it breed in a dark place for 2 weeks. All, miraculous tincture is ready! In case of pain in the throat with almond tampon, moistened in the tincture. The pain takes place very quickly. But most importantly, the tincture stops the process of breeding pathogens microbes.
  2. If you have no propolis in the house, you can lubricate the almonds with ordinary vodka. This process is not pleasant, but helps with purulent (follicular angina). Enough 2-3 lubricants to disappear guns.
  3. Another effective way - lubricate the almonds by the usual iodine. One time will be enough enough to stop the most difficult thumbnail. Checked personally. But smear iodine thin layer so as not to burn the throat!

However, remember - angina a serious and insidious disease and causes many complications. All the funds listed by me are effective and tested by personal experience. But the observation of the doctor is desirable!

Cough in children and ways to deal with it

Treating angina and cough in children
What is cough? This is a sharp reduction in musculature, in which the lungs are excreted with the wet all the unnecessary to our body. Motica is «Transporter» from the body of all unwanted substances and particles. Cough in children most often appears as a result of short cold illness - Viral infections of the upper respiratory tract (nose and throat). Cough caused by such reasons may continue from 1 to 3 weeks.

The nature cough It is possible to divide into two types: wet (doctors call it productive) and dry when the wet wet is difficult. But whatever the cough was, he tires the child, prevents him from sleeping and even causes vomiting.

Kashl funds are divided into three groups: thinning wet, expectorant and soothing. They can be combined. But do not hurry to give your children new-fashioned medicines and suspensions. As a rule, they are expensive, but at the same time ineffective. Try to facilitate the condition of the child by folk remedies that are checked by the life experience of many generations.

To sneak the sputum and ease her exit, I slept my children from herbs, many of which collected herself. This tea included St. John's wort, oregano, the violet tricolor, leafy of coltsfoot, black currant and red raspberry. All these components I took in equal parts, and a tablespoon of this collection of brewing in a custard teapot.

In combination with herbal tea, it is good to make warm-up compresses for the night. For example, in such a manner. First we do iodine mesh on your chest and back. But apply iodine thin layer so as not to burn tender child skin. The next night we take a woolen fabric, better homemade knitting (I took a knitted sock, cut off from him the top and cut it in half), and rub it with dry economic, in no way imported, 12% soap. Apply the compress for the breast, we fix the bandage, we dress on top of the T-shirt. On the third night, we rub the chest and the back of the baby with fir oil. Usually after such a complex of procedures at my kids cough passed.

But the most magical means of cough I find a mixture of honey and alcohol to this day. In equal parts, mix honey and alcohol (you can add butter to mitigate, but I did not add), mix well. You will succeed in liquid yellow yellow medicine. Let's give her baby on a teaspoon, while not drinking anything, with cough attacks. Of course, the taste of medicine is specific, but helps the best of all other means combined. Verified over the years. This is a means - three in one: and dilute, and expectorant and soothing.

In conclusion, I want to say: do not wait for the instant effect of folk remedies. They act slowly but right. At the same time, the child's body is not poisoned by chemical components as widely advertised drugs from the pharmacy. be healthy!

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