Treatment of skin tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is a dangerous disease, which is in force by many organs and systems of the human body. The disease is particularly difficult when the pathogens of tuberculosis, mycobacteria are affected by the skin.

Tuberculosis of the skin develops when the spread of the infection occurs with a lymphohematogenic path (through the intestines and genitals) and affects the subcutaneous fat tissue.

Causes of the disease

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In a large group of bacteria, Mycobacterium tuberculosis is distinguished 4 types of pathogenic microorganisms - causative agents Tuberculosis. For our health, real danger represent only 2 of them: human (koche stick) and bull type. Infection is most susceptible to children, bacteria threaten them both from the surrounding and internal environment (from other affected organs). Despite the fact that today the skin tuberculosis is considered quite rare, the most common information about the disease does not prevent anyone.

Not too much prevalence of pathology is explained by the fact that the surface of human skin from nature does not have favorable conditions for normal life and reproduction of tuberculosis pathogens. It is possible to infected if only in the case of massive infection from the environment through strongly damaged skin. Then the so-called primary affect develops at the path of the pathogen - a limited area of ​​inflamed tissue.

The secondary form of the disease is the result of a weakened immune system in people who have taken tuberculosis, whose localization site has become other organism. By the way, infection of a healthy person can occur from a patient of any form of tuberculosis.

Clinical picture of the disease

Leather, skin diseases, Tuberculosis treatment, tuberculosis, skin tuberculosis

To confirm the diagnosis apply the cake feed. If it gives a negative answer, use a sample Mantu. If the disease has already passed into the chronic stage, the test will also show a negative result.

For the study of the contents of blisters resort to bacteriological research. Biopsy is effective, as a rule, 1.5 months after the appearance of pathology - during this period tuberculosis structures are created. To make sure that everything is in order with the lungs, do x-ray.

Treatment of skin tuberculosis

Some time ago, fairly effective means for neutralizing the harmful action of koche sticks were found. With skin tuberculosis, struggle leads on a scenario designed to treat tuberculosis of the lungs. The main emphasis, of course, is done on antibacterial drugs. As practice is evidenced, the most satisfactory results showed isoniazid, pyrazinamide, rifampicin, ethambutol. For local injections around single wounds, streptomycin is successfully used. Against the background of the use of antibiotics, drugs are used from a group of hepatoprotectors to protect the liver from negative drug influence.

Leather, skin diseases, Tuberculosis treatment, tuberculosis, skin tuberculosis

The diet during treatment does not change significantly, however, practice shows that patients feel better when baking diet adheres to. Power should be calorie: in fish, meat, dairy products and milk make restrictions in no case. The number of calories can be increased due to honey, sweets, baking, but it is important to adhere to a reasonable measure.

Skin-suffering skin tuberculosis is very useful to take sunbathing. The causative agents of the disease do not tolerate ultraviolet, so long stay in the sun (with all precautions not to burn!) makes treatment more efficiently.

Treatment of skin tuberculosis has a favorable forecast provided with a responsible attitude to the problem of the patient. This means that to deviate from the prescribed course of treatment cannot be unlikely, despite the fact that the process of recovery is usually stretched for a time from six months to two years. Skin tuberculosis is one of those diseases that is characterized by latent and very protracted. However, it should be taken into account that before the opportunity to get rid of this disease was simply not, therefore it does not matter the duration of the course of treatment, but a real chance of recovery.

To the treatment of skin tuberculosis by folk remedies, many experts relate to a fair fraction of skepticism, however, if the recipe that the patient decided to try on himself, does not carry a potential threat to health and will not aggravate the patient's condition, then why not try?

Attention! The doctor should be aware of everything that concerns the treatment of the disease «Babushkina» recipes at home.

Leather, skin diseases, Tuberculosis treatment, tuberculosis, skin tuberculosis

Our site is divided with its readers with one radical and effective recipe, which is relevant in the treatment of tuberculosis of any localization. 20 g of young leaf and cherry flowers pour 200 ml of water and boil for 5-7 minutes, then strain and cool. The decoction drink 1/3 cup in the morning, day and evening. If the stomach is fine with this means, you can add a small amount of cherry to food as desired. The plant has weak toxicity, so the threat of human health does not represent. There is no opinion confirmed by science, as if sick tuberculosis is very pleasant aroma and taste cherry. The decoction of the leaves of this plant is the strongest anti-inflammatory agent, the strength of which can be correlated with the effect of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory funds (for example, with Aspirin).

When a terrible disease retreats and all the troubles will stay behind, the patient can apply a visit to a surgeon or cosmetologist to consult the scars on the skin - the only reminder of the disease.

Prevention of skin tuberculosis

To protect yourself from the disease, you need to avoid communicating with those who are active carrier of the disease. For children, BCG vaccination is vaccinated as a preventive measure - for adults - fluorography every year.

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