Sorbifer, instructions for use

Such a disease as anemia can be discovered in a person at any age, starting with newborns and completing the elderly. And if it is associated with a deficit of such an element as an iron, then the patient is prescribed to the drug, as part of which it is present. Today we will tell about the medicine called «Sorbifer Durules».

Many people have a term «anemia» Associated with Malokroviam. However, this does not mean that blood in the body literally little. It can be enough, but «quality» She leaves much to be desired. Because in the blood of suffering Anemia There is a shortage of full-fledged erythrocytes (these are structural elements having red and containing hemoglobin). It is the hemoglobin that is responsible for ensuring that oxygen delivered to each cell of any tissue of the body. When the amount of hemoglobin is low, then tissues and organs to one degree or another suffer from oxygen starvation, which is reflected in their work. When the body loses iron more than it arrives and absorbs, then iron deficiency anemia is developing.

General information about the drug

Sorbifer, anemia, hemoglobin, iron, blood

«Sorbifer Durules» It is a combined drug having in its composition iron sulfate and vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and belonging to the group of emergency drugs. The combination of these two components and gives a pronounced therapeutic effect. Ascorbinka significantly increases iron absorption in the digestive tube. In everyday life, the medicine is simply called «Sorbifer». Word «Durules» In the title indicates that a special technology is used in production, allowing iron ions that come to the intestines, evenly and gradually (for six hours) release from the drug. This process occurs, not under the influence of digestive juices, but during the peristaltics, that is, the wave-like intestinal wall movements. With such a release, the likelihood of rapidly increase the concentration of iron ions in the organs of the digestive system is eliminated, so no irritant action on the mucous membacity, the lining digestive tract, does not occur. Such manufacturing technology allowed to approximately 30% increase the absorption of medication in the small intestine.

In one tablet «Sorbifer Durules» Included:

  • iron (100 mg);
  • Vitamin C (60 mg).

Auxiliary Ingredients: Povidone K-25, magnesium stearate, carbomer 934 p, Polyethylene powder. The shell consists of: macrogol 6000, hypimonlolysis, solid, iron oxide, dioxide titanium,,

Packing tablets in the vials are carried out 50 or 30 pieces. Shape at Tablets Round, they are light yellow covered with shell. One of the parties is certainly present engraving in the form of a letter «Z». If you break up the tablet, then its inside is gray, has a characteristic smell.

When assigned «Sorbifer Durules»?

Sorbifer, anemia, hemoglobin, iron, blood

Manufacturers of this fund prevent that it cannot be assigned:

  1. With high content of iron content: hemosiderosis (pathology is associated with excessive decay of red blood cells), hemochromatosis (phenomenon of hereditary violation of metabolic processes related to iron).
  2. In the case of diseases in which the absorption of iron, such as aplastic, hemolytic, lead, sideroblastic anemia.
  3. After resection (removal) stomach.
  4. With the narrowing of the esophagus or other departments of the digestive tube.
  5. In case of intolerance, at least one of the components of this fund.
  6. With bleeding.

Careful should be in cases where the medicine is assigned to suffering Crohn's disease, Diverticulitis, enteritis (these are inflammation of the small intestine), ulcers in a 12-risen intestine, stomach or other departments of the intestinal.

In some patients when receiving «Sorbifer Durules» Pains appeared in the zone of the abdomen, an unpleasant taste in the mouth, the silent, the urge of vomiting, the appetite was worse, problems with a chair appeared (diarrhea or constipation). Much less often patients complained about other side effects: headache, Weakness, skin rashes and itching (due to allergies). A few cases were recorded when the medication has caused a narrowing or ulceration of the esophagus.

It's important to know

Sorbifer, anemia, hemoglobin, iron, blood

To avoid an overdose, the abnormalities of the body, do not take «Sorbifer Durules» simultaneously with other drugs where iron is present. And signs of overdose are as follows: decreased blood pressure, weakness, pallor, vomiting, diarrhea with blood admissions, heartbeat, the smell of acetone occurs, the temperature rise. With a strong overdose, the development of renal or liver failure is possible, as well as the appearance of convulsion, the decrease in blood glucose, loss of consciousness.

Children are allowed to write a drug if they are over 12 years old. Dosage calculates the doctor based on the patient's weight.

During treatment with iron containing iron, felling masses are often painted in black. Such a phenomenon should not disturb the patient.

This drug reduces the absorption of drugs such as levodopa, methyldop, ECCSACIN, Levofloxacin, Grespalloxacin, thyroid hormones.

No need to take the drug together with tetracycline, doxycycline, norfloxacin, offloxacin, ciprofloxacin.

If the listed drugs are necessarily needed by the patient, the interval between their acceptances should be at least two hours (and in the case of tetracycline antibiotic treatment - at least three hours).

Iron will be absorbed in smaller quantities, if simultaneously with «Sorbifer» Take antacid tools.

MirSees warn that such products and drinks like eggs, chocolate, spinach, rhubarb, strawberry, bran, milk (and all products from it), black tea, coffee - reduce iron absorption process in the intestine. Therefore, the interval between the reception of the iron-containing drug and the use of these products should be at least two hours.

Proper nutrition and drug «Sorbifer Durules» help to fill the deficit of iron, improve health.

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