Vibration, instructions for use

Rainy and Slushny Autumn and Snowy, Frosty Winter can be called seasons for whom the largest number of colds and swelling noses are characterized. Many believe that there is no need to spend finances for funds from a cold - they say, after a week he himself will pass.

However, doctors have a different opinion. They caution: if we smear your hand to rhinitis, then he can «Aubscribe» more serious diseases - Otitis, hymoritis and other forms Sinusita. Nature has programmed the body of any person (adult or child) on nasal breathing. Nose as it would be natural «air conditioning» - It moisturizes, warms and cleanses air flows entering the body. Especially sensitive to the effects of the environment Respiratory system of children. Therefore, most often rhinitis meets exactly. Usually the perpetrators Rudeness are infectious agents and allergens. Most of the drugs are acting or against infection pathogens, or from allergies. But in the vibration, the drug, which offers to talk to the MirSoveto, the active substances are combined so that the medicine can cope with a cold rheuble, and with allergic.

General information about the preparation

vibration, nasal drops, runny nose, nose, cold

In the pharmacy you can see three forms of the drug:

  1. Drops in the nose in bottles with a comfortable pipette (15 ml). This is a yellowish, clear solution, smelling lavender.
  2. The spray for the nose contained in the bottles (10 ml) equipped with a spray. This is a pale yellow solution, transparent having a light fragrance of lavender.
  3. Gel, packaged in tubes of 12 grams, homogeneous structure, slightly yellowish shade.

The active components of this medicine are Maleat Dimintine and Phenylephrine. As auxiliary substances: Lavender oil, Distilled water, Benzalconium chloride, sodium hydrochlorophosphate (anhydrous), sorbitol, citric acid.

Vibrotil removes the ethics of the nasopharmaceous mucous membrane, while having a vasoconstrictor action (local). Active vibration ingredients reduce pathological exudation (mucus release). If necessary, they show anti-allergic properties, and also improve the activity of the fiscal epithelium. His main duty is self-purification of nasal strokes from foreign particles. It is at the expense of phenylephrine that eliminates the solidity of the mucous and sensation of the nose. But Maleat Diminoten shows itself as an antiallergic substance, eliminates sneezing and itching. Moreover, vibrational acts gently, reduces the operational of the secret (mucus), without disturbing the physiological functions of the mucous membrane of the nasal strokes. Therefore, in the form of droplets, it can be used for children from birth.

This combined drug is acting without delay, the effect after use is preserved for a long period of time. Five minutes after use, the nasal respiratory relief is felt, saving six or even eight hours.

Drops are allowed to use even infants, but older kids (from six years) and adults can also be used also spray or gel.

When Vibrocil is appointed?

vibration, nasal drops, runny nose, nose, cold

If droplets vibrations are prescribed, then before their injection, be sure to clean the nose thoroughly. Adults sufficiently sufficiently, but for kids often parents have to resort to the help of rubber pear or aspirator. The bundling process is carried out when the head is slightly trapped back. This situation is desirable to save a couple more minutes. Number of procedures per day - four (or less). Duration of treatment - no more than a week. And now about the dosage:

  • If the baby is not another year, then it is enough for one procedure to enter the droplet into each nasal stroke;
  • If the baby is from a year to six years, then drip on one or two droplets in every move;
  • If the child is over six years old, then drip from three to four droplets in every move, the same dosage is suitable for adults.

The most pronounced action has spray, because it allows the medicinal substances to irrigate the entire cavity of the nose, it is evenly distributed at the entire mucous membrane. But you can only assign a spray from six-year-old. When applied, the sprayer must be vertical. In this case, the child should not throw the head. Insert the tip first in one nostril, quickly squeeze the sprayer on the bottle and unzip it. Tell me in advance the child, so that during the injection, he tried to make a lung breath. Three or four irrigations are made per day, in each nostril should be hit by one or two injections.

The gel is very useful if the child (or in an adult) is undermined the mucous. In this case, the appearance of dry crusts is characteristic. More gel is useful when injured by nose. If you enter a gel before bedtime, then smooth nasal breathing will remain throughout the night. Gel is allowed to use from six years. Before the procedure you need to clean your nose, and then enter the gel, having done it to do it as deeper. Per day you can make up to four administrations. Sometimes the drug vibration is prescribed during acute average otitis.

Whether there are side effects?

vibration, nasal drops, runny nose, nose, cold

The medicine is usually well tolerated not only by adults, but also by children. Extremely rare patients complain of burning or dryness in the nose. Yes, and they are very quickly passing. Our site warns that if you use vibration more than seven days, then the appearance of medication rhinitis or addiction to this medicine.

Are there any contraindications?

You can not use vibration at:

  • increased sensitivity to substances included in the composition;
  • Ritiate with atrophic changes on the mucous membrane;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • Simultaneous treatment of Mao inhibitors (monoaminoxidase), beta-adrenoblockers, antidepressants (tricyclic).

Our site will remind you that the gel and spray can not be used if there is no six hundred years old. With caution it is necessary to use the medicine of those patients who have disorders in the functioning of the thyroid gland, the cardiovascular system, Sugar diabetes (insulin dependent), Glaucoma and hypertension.

The advantages of the drug include that it can be used even to breast-age children, it is effective not only for colds, but also with allergic. Be careful to your health and health of your kids, be sure to contact the drug to your doctor for any advice.

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