The conversation about the gynecomastia in men is a certain interest for those who are interested in serious
Cosmetic defect with obvious signs of female breast. It can sometimes
Watch on the beach or on a hot day in the city when under the fine t-shirt
the status person is distinguishable to the chest, more characteristic of female
Form — So manifests a benign increase in the mammary glands in men.
Some adolescents during puberty also may also appear
Gynecomastia, which is associated with the age-raised level of testosterone. except
this, newborn boys may have signs of the disease that persist
Within 2-4 weeks, and then completely disappear.

Not at all threatens the life or health of representatives of a strong floor, but maybe
be the cause of tension and anxiety. Reply to all questions related
with increasing and increasing mammary glands in men in a state of specialists
Endocrinologists, mammology, oncologists and surgeons with a comprehensive examination

All about the reasons of gynecomastia,
Diagnosis and treatment

The cause of gynecomastia lies in violation of estrogen and testosterone ratio
in a male body. Changing this balance is observed in the event
hormonal-active adrenal tumors, pituitary glands, testicles, and
Primary lack of genital function — Hypogonadism, prostate adenome,
inflammation of the testicles and illness Addison.

Prolctin secretion — hyperprolactinemia, hypothyroidism, exchange violation
processes, such as diabetes, diffuse goiter, obesity can be
The cause of gynecomastia. A number of non-endocrine diseases also
Can cause the development of this pathology: pulmonary tuberculosis, intoxication
alcohol and narcotic substances, liver cirrhosis, cardiovascular and
renal failure, HIV infection, herpetic behavior
Cells, various injuries. Sometimes this condition depends on the long-term
reception of drugs that affect the receptors of the mammary glands increases
Prolactin or estrogen production, render toxic influence on testicles.

In formation
Gynecomastia celebrate 3 stages:

  • Developing — initial stage of the disease;
  • Intermediate — The ripening process of hardware
  • Fibrous — The appearance of connective glands
    and adipose tissue, the emergence of an irreversible process.


About false gynecomastia

According to the classification
Gynecomastia in men
There are 3 types and can be represented as follows:

  • True — breast augmentation occurs for
    Roleberry tissue account.
  • False gynecomastia or lipomastics — Brushes of the chest occasion
    due to adipose tissue, usually occurs when banal obesity.
  • Mixed form.

the most common causes of such pathology should be noted
consumption of steroids, which is characteristic of active athletes and those who
stopped active sports life. In the body begins to accumulate
a large number of female hormones, this is due to the occurrence of side
Effects: sediments of adipose tissue for female type and swelling due to
Liquid delays. Obesity is also a very popular cause of breast growth
in men. It should be noted that the termination of active sports activities
not everyone does not always cause a similar problem, it all depends on sensitivity
to female hormone estradiol and individual genetic data.

Treatment and prevention

Aimed primarily to get rid of obesity and excess weight. Exist
A number of drugs that avoid gynecomastia — Anti-estrogen, among them
The most popular — Tamoxifen, the mechanism of action of which lies in
Blocking estrogenous receptors. If necessary, removal of gynecomastia is carried out
operational way, when conducting subcutaneous or endoscopic mastectomy.
Liposuction method involves the elimination of excess adhesive tissue, restoration
occurs after 4-6 weeks after the operation, while recommended wearing elastic
Linen for the proper formation of a muscular outline and painless battles

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