Metabolic syndrome


Metabolic syndrome
Under the metabolic syndrome (syndrome x)
It is understood by the system of disorders of metabolic, hormonal and clinical
Plan developing due to insulin resistance (immunity
Insulin fabrics) and compensatory hyperinsulinemia (increased content
Insulin in the blood). People with metabolic syndrome more than others are subject to
Cardiovascular diseases. Men's population has this pathology
It occurs more often, for women, it becomes relevant during menopause.

Metabolic syndrome is also called «mortal
Quartet». Such a definition is due to a combination of sugar syndrome
Diabetes, obesity, arterial hypertension and ischemic heart disease. On the
The development of metabolic syndrome affects the genetic predisposition,
Excessive nutrition, obstructive sleep apnea syndrome, reduced physical
Activity and increased blood pressure. For the first
Screening examination It is necessary to measure blood pressure and waist
Patient and conduct tests to identify triglycerides, total cholesterol,
High and low density and glucose lipoprotein cholesterol.

Syndrome H

Metabolic syndrome is capable of a long time
develop without special symptoms, but often in adolescence it
Manifestations are already noticeable. The earliest signs — This is dyslipidemia
(precursor atherosclerosis, which is a violation of lipid balance
blood and provoking vessel wall seals) and elevated arterial

To symptoms «Deadly Quartet» Believe:

  1. Abdominal
    (He is central) Type of obesity: Girth of a female waist exceeds 80 cm, and
    Men — 94 cm. This is the main criterion.
  2. Increased
    Arterial pressure: above or equal to 130 per 85 mm RT. Art.
  3. Lower
    HC (cholesterol) high density lipoproteins (good cholesterol):
    Men indicator is less than 1 mmol / l, and in women — less than 1.2 mmol / l.
  4. Raising
    HC level of low density lipoproteins (bad cholesterol): on average, more than 3
    mmol / L.
  5. Raising
    The level of blood glucose on an empty stomach (more than 6 mmol / l) and violation
    Glucose tolerances.

For diagnosis «Metabolic syndrome»
The presence of the main criterion (abdominal obesity) and two
Additional symptoms.

and treatment «Deadly Quartet»

To metabolic syndrome diagnostics methods

  • Metabolic syndromedefinition
    The stages of obesity and the degree of risk of cardiovascular complications;
  • Clarification
    type of obesity with the help of measurements of the waist and thighs;
  • study
    blood pressure;
  • test
    on obstructive apnea syndrome in a dream;
  • study
    insulin resistance;
  • Survey
    on violation of carbohydrate and lipid metabolism.

The main treatment is aimed at improved
Metabolic control, normalization of night respiration and blood pressure,
Warning of cardiovascular complications. Treatment must pass strictly
under the control of the therapist or endocrinologist.

Therapy «Deadly Quartet» divided by
Medical and non-drugs. Medical treatment consists of
appointments of highly selective beta adrenoblockers and diuretics with
Metabolic neutrality, statins and fibrats. Playing a big role
Non-drug therapy, consisting in normalizing body weight through
diet and reasonable physical exertion. The diet is drawn up according to
Recommendations of a specialist, taking into account the following indicators: body weight, age,
Paul and level of physical activity.

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