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  • Belmo and what it is fraught
  • Forecast with belme

  • Belmo and what it is fraught

    Usually under the Belm implies more or less strong turbidity of any transparent shell or eye apple environment lying on the passage of light rays and impact. Currently, doctors call the lover almost exclusively spots of the horny shell. Being usually the consequence of the preceding inflammatory processes of the horn shell, the stains represent a wide variety of shape, magnitude, color and intensity of turbidity.
    Regarding the latter, it should be noted that although there are countless transitions from the hardly noticeable reduction in the transparency of the horn shell until it is completely opaque, but, in general, the following stains distinguish:
    • cloud;
    • Spot, more or less limited and commonly pearl color,
    • Belmo, which always is a scar left after preceding any corneal ulcers.
    The spots of the horny shell, therefore, and Belmo can take not only the whole area of ​​the pupil, but those or other sections of it and, accordingly, due to the degree of loss of transparency of the tissue, is modified by the importance of them for the act of view. In general, they all determine the decrease in its acute, but in varying degrees and form.
    Than dangerous BelmoSo, for example, spilled, translucent or translucent clouds are stronger than impact, which are sharply limited, but only part of the pupil area of ​​opaque spots. It depends on the fact that during translucent spots, the light rays, passing through the above-mentioned place, dispel the light in various directions on the retina and that weaken the difference in the brightness of the object image and deprive it clarity, causing at the same time, sometimes painful for a sick feeling «blinding».
    If Lamo is opaque and only takes only a part of the pupil, then, delaying the part of the light rays, it only loosens the brightness of the object image, although the latter saves the clear image. If the spot take the whole pupil, then the patient can only have a weak light feeling. If the opaque stain sits in the center of the pupil, then the vision is improved when the latter expansion (with low lighting); On the contrary, the vision is improving with the judgment of the pupil (with bright lighting), if Belmo is located on the edges of it.
    The decay of view that exists with the stains of the cornea entails another number of other grave for the patient of the seizures: severe myopia, the so-called accommodative asthenopy and even spasm accommodation, t. E. involuntary cuts of the cereal muscle, and items are sometimes extremely enlarged. Binocular vision is often done completely impossible and t. NS. Next may develop muscle asthenopia, squint, and children - even involuntary eye shaking.

    Forecast with belme

    The forecast for the stains of the cornea depends on the age of the subject, the duration, place and nature of the cloudy; the stain is less, fresh and more superficially, the prediction is more favorable. Old spots caused by scars are incurable. But more young are very difficult to treat as appointed by commonly annoying means, whose task is to strengthen the metabolism in the horn shell and promote the suction of painful products.
    Operational techniques, scraping or cutting off spots, extremely rarely lead to the target and even represent the danger of a degradation of the disease. They are appropriate only with surface stains due to deposits of limestone or lead salts. But if the operational receptions are rarely possible to achieve a spot, the improvement and even restoration of vision is sometimes possible by the operation of iridectomy (the formation of an artificial pupil), which makes it possible to enter the eye with light rays. Next, often a good service is the so-called «Stenopheic glasses» - Opaque plates with a small hole in the middle, with which you can open access to light rays through the intact part of the cornea. However, such glasses are useful only when considering small close objects.

    Finally, one of the types of Treatment of Belm is a tattoo of it, both with a cosmetic goal, and in order to improve sight. The process of the tattoo is that the help of a special tool consisting of several needles is made by bellands and then a Chinese mascara is rubbed into their special spatula. The cosmetic goal of the operation is achieved by the destruction of a sharp difference in the color of Luma from a neighboring healthy tissue; elimination of producing «blindness» Translucent of the spots improve the vision of the patient, t. E. The treatment task is achieved.

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