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The reason for menopause is a decrease in the production of femalesex hormones as a result of natural age-related extinction of ovarian function. The main method for the correction of menopause is hormone replacement therapy, or, more simply, the use of hormonal drugs that artificially restore the lack of hormones in the woman’s body. It is known that hormonal drugs have a number of side effects and contraindications. There is a risk of significant weight gain. Against the background of prolonged use, the development of thrombosis, heart attacks, and breast tumors is possible.

There are alternative ways of correctionhormonal levels in women during menopause, which are more secure, but require patience and long-term use, as the effect is gradually accumulating. This homeopathic medicines of natural origin, for example, drug Remens®

Natural help female body

Remens: health homeopathy real womenUnlike hormones, Remens® does not contain artificial hormones thatmake up for the lack of estrogen in the body. Remens stimulates a woman’s internal system that produces hormones. Thus, the hormonal background of a woman is restored naturally. Side effects are minimized and there are no contraindications to taking Remens (except for individual intolerance). Thanks to the normalization of the hormonal background, Remens eliminates the symptoms of menopause - hot flashes, sweating, irritability, sleep disturbances. It is important that weight gain when taking Remens does not occur.

Remens made in to high quality standards of the Austrian natural, environmentally friendly materials. The structure Remens® composed of five natural ingredients: black cohosh cohosh (Cimicifuga), Canadian Sanguinar (Sanguinaria), pilocarpus (Jaborandi), Sepia (Sepia) and Lachesis (Lachesis).

Working on the principle of homeopathy, eachComponents struggling with certain symptoms of menopause, allowing the woman to feel better every day reception. It is necessary to pay special attention that Remens need to take at least 6 months to feel the full effect of the treatment. This is the time needed to start the work on its own system of female hormone production, and by a careful homeopathic method. Therefore, the results have to wait, although the first reception of the effects can be noted before: hot flushes and sweating will go to the second week of treatment.

A drug that helps

During the 15 years of its existence in Russia helped Remensmillions of women to eliminate the painful symptoms of menopause. Multiple tests, clinical trials, scientific research confirms the safety and efficacy of therapeutic formula Remens created from natural ingredients. Research has proven the versatility of mechanisms of therapeutic effects of the drug on Remens pathological processes that form the clinical picture of menopause, and above all, this is due to the union of the therapeutic effect of each of its components. During the entire existence of the drug showed no contraindications, age restrictions, adverse and allergic reactions.

Remens: health homeopathy real womenCurrently Remens® It comes in two forms: In 50 ml of droplets and tablets of 12 and 36 pieces in a package. Every woman can choose convenient for her release form.

Remens applied not only at the climax, but alsoin other states, when you need to carefully normalize female hormones: the menstrual cycle, PMS, inflammatory diseases of the ovaries - in the complex therapy.

Remens improves the quality of life of a woman and gives her the opportunity at any age to feel like a real Woman!

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