Ulcerative colitis in children


Nonspecific ulcerative colitis in children is
a chronic pathological process characterized by the presence of ulcerations on
mucous membrane of the intestine. Modern scientists consider this disease
An autoimmune process arising from the production of antibodies to proteins
Cells of the intestinal mucosa. The basis of pathology can lie
Allergic reactions, genetic diseases, taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory
funds and other factors predisposing to the occurrence of colitis in children.

Symptoms of ulcerative colitis in children

Ulcerative colitis in children

Ulcerative colitis in children
proceeds often rapidly. It leads to the development of complications and requires
interventions of qualified specialists. The disease proceeds by S
The following symptoms:

  • Stomach ache;
  • The appearance of blood and mucus in the chair;
  • Increasing body temperature;
  • Weakness, loss of appetite;
  • Frequent defecation urge.

Symptoms of intestinal colitis
The child can be poorly expressed, but the risk of development is not excluded
abundant blood loss, so do not lose time, and when even
Minor signs of exacerbation of the disease immediately refer to

Methods for diagnosing ulcerative colitis:

  • X-ray diagnostics with bary (irrigoscopy);
  • Colonoscopy;
  • Cales Coprogram, Remediation Research on
    hidden blood;
  • Biopsy fragment of a fat intestine with
    follow-up histological diagnosis.

Survey of the child S
Symptoms of intestinal colitis helps determine the degree of lesion and
Assess the possible risks of the development of complications. It is very important to start timely
Treatment of ulcerative colitis in children, so
How is this disease potentially dangerous to the health of the baby. It can
Provocate the appearance of massive bleeding, intestinal cams,
Dehydration and cancer.

Ulcerative colitis in children
Treating non-specific
ulcerative colitis in children may include the use of conservative and
Surgical methods. The technique is selected depending on clinical
Indicators and results of a child inspection. With strict compliance with recommendations
Doctor Colitis in children is treated with
Diets and use of modern medicines: anti-inflammatory,
anesthetic drugs, sedatives, antibiotics, anti-diaper

When aggravating the child's diet, the child is excluded
sharp, fried and fatty dishes, coarse fiber, irritating drinks,
Spacing water, undiluted juices. Suggest the baby faint meat
Broth cooked on a chicken or veal. Recommended mucous meals,
Water silent porridges, soups. In the diet must necessarily
Belky are present. At risk the occurrence of punching the walls of thick
Intestinal and development of massive intestinal bleeding is carried out surgical

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