Sugar diabetes in a child: be vigilant, not a change


  • Sugar diabetes in a child: be vigilant, not a change
  • Let the child live, but be alert
  • Do not create a child «greenhouse» Conditions
  • Rise up a child healthy habits

  • Sugar diabetes in a child: be vigilant, not a change

    Sugar diabetes in a child: be vigilant, not a changeEliminate your child from the disease, to do everything so that hard heredity does not play a fateful role in the fate of the closest little man on Earth! Parents who are ill-friendly diabetes and do not interfere with the problems that brings this disease, quite reasonably feel fear for the future of their children. After all, child diabetes or type I diabetes, or insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, really has genetic roots. Let's try to figure out how much the disease is prevented, and what to do moms and dads, living with this disease?

    Sugar diabetes in a child — It is always type I diabetes, type II diabetes — Adult disease. Type I diabetes is inherited, more accurately transmitted predisposition to the disease, but on this role of genes ends. After all, so that the child fell ill, the flow of metabolic processes in its body should be impaired from outside, most often strong stress or severe infectious disease.

    Let the child live, but be alert

    It is important not to see a potential patient in a child. Constant sympathetic, the alarming views of the parents only undermine the psyche of the baby, weaken its body, while it is especially important for him to be strong spiritually. Training, hardening, upbringing in a child's confidence and ability to relate to temporary failures, mutual understanding and optimistic mood in the family — That's what helps to overcome «Genetics» diabetes and confront stress and infections that are a real reason, a starting point for the development of sugar diabetes in children.

    The high risk of type I diabetes mellitus is:

    • Children whose mom or dad are sick diabetes;
    • Children born with a mass of body over 4.5 kg;
    • Children who have metabolic disorders, simply speaking, children suffering from obesity;
    • children with reduced immunity, i.e. often and dear.

    Again, we recall, an increased risk, burdened heredity does not mean that the child will certainly get sick diabetes. Starting torque is stress and infection. If you notice some deviations in the health of the child, there is always the opportunity to consult a doctor — endocrinologist and go through the necessary examination.

    Do not create a child «greenhouse» Conditions

    The desire of parents suffering from type I diabetes, at every step «Check out Solomku» leads to the fact that the child himself begins to perceive the world around the world as hostile. Live in vacuum does not work and any trouble in childhood becomes the reason for stress. So, without knowing, trying to protect your child, parents become accomplished diseases and accelerate the development of diabetes.

    It is important to educate in the child the ability to evaluate yourself, other people and the surrounding reality, to see positive moments even in critical situations, retreat and learn mistakes.

    Even with a high risk of developing diabetes, the child must communicate with peers, attend kindergarten, compete, play, play sports at the amateur level. Adequate age and the development of the baby exercise, the lack of isolation from social immunity will only benefit, will strengthen the health of the child and leveral heredity.

    Rise up a child healthy habits

    Naturally, if there is a predisposition to type I diabetes, the pancreas of the child should be delivered from the loads in the form of candies, cakes, cakes and buns. But if it is true to arrange priorities, sweets and flour products will be unattractive for a child, and fresh berries and fruits will be a favorite delicacies.

    In general, the nature of human nutrition, having a predisposition to diabetes, should not be globally different from the diet recommended for diseases of the pancreas. Surely, if someone in the family is sick with diabetes, the basics of proper nutrition are already known to all households. Create your own health cult in the house, in the end, the refusal of the bull, pies, sweets, sugar and other harmful products will not hurt even healthy, especially as it is worth keeping health baby.

    Mystera — Not an assistant in the struggle for the health of the baby, but the parents, and educators of the children's preschool institution, and teachers who are near the child should be vigilant. The ability to soberly assess the deviations in his health will allow to notice the first signs of diabetes and prevent the disease to be discovered in the late stage when it is already extremely difficult to treat it.

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