Toxicism, addictive


  • How addictive is developing

  • How addictive is developing

    Getting used not to all. Some euphoria is weak and
    Complicated by signs of poisoning - vomiting, nausea, headache. But
    If the intoxication caused pleasure, regular inhalation begins
    volatile narcotically active substances (LND). In this case, the intolerance to alcohol occurs and develops. Doctors
    Mark the transition to regular Nyuhans already after 4-5 separate

    As with any other form of drug addiction, as soon as it starts
    Regular drug use, its effects change. Disappear
    Protective reactions - headache, nausea. Coordination is less violated,
    Inxaine can walk. Immediately after inhalation comes
    Feeling disorders, hallucinations more conscious and managed.
    Increases tolerance, drug tolerance, tolerance. For
    Achievements of the former Euphoria require a double or triple dose

    Attractions and constant addiction. Children lose interest
    To school and former classes, hiding with two-three comrades in Nyukhan
    in secluded places. Starts and single use, teenager
    It turns out your own stock of LND, Arsenal Tubes and Bubbles. Everything
    Pleasant in his life closes now on it. Attraction, appear,
    immediately acquires uncontrollable character, the child cannot be held.
    The father who observed narcologists of the patient caught a chain to
    Battery of central heating. Although this attraction is rather
    mental than physical character. If the child is isolated or
    The family moved to another city, not infected with the epidemic Volatile narcotically active substances, Children
    managed to forget about sniffs soon.

    Toxicism, addictive
    Patients drug addresses with a diagnosis «Toxicomia» average
    12-14 years old. At this age, children are not formed and power
    Will. If a child is deprived of the opportunity to breathe an LNDV, it covers it
    evil depression, rude protest, breaks sleep, appetite, child
    refuses to eat, refuses to obey the adult. This is behavior
    not worth regarding only disobedience and spoilness, it is
    signs of abstinence syndrome, while still weakly pronounced.

    In toxicomicians in the 16-17 years of age, the traits of abstinence more
    defined. Abstineent syndrome occurs on the 3-6th month
    Chemicals consumption. If toxic is to deprive the possibility of inhalation Volatile narcotically active substances, By the end of the first day, his stupid heavy headache will begin,
    Expansion of pupils, hand shakes, spasms, eyep and tongue,
    Eveniness, convulsive muscles. All this is aggravated by depression
    and malicious irritability, motor excitement increases. On the
    The second day is growing anxiety, the patient can not communicate with anyone.
    Tense muscular system, patients complain about pain, inconvenience in
    muscles. May even change the feeling of his body: limbs and head
    seem larger, long, heavy, mallance and tension
    Often ending with suicide.
    In a few days, tensions and disbuits are imputed
    longing, apathy, stupor. The patient sadly lies in bed and
    complains of pain and hopelessness.

    In the abuse of gasoline, severe pain in the stomach and
    intestine, diarrhea, vomiting. The increase in abstineent sufferings occurs in
    For 5-6 days, then it comes to relief. Psyche disorders I
    Moods persist 1-1.5 months. Total duration
    abstineent syndrome - up to 15 days.

    Regularly sniffing toxicomes conduct their days, constantly maintaining a certain depth of intoxication.

    On them intoxication acts otherwise than on newcomers.
    «Fucking», they go walk to a disco, «order yourself
    Hallucinations». Intoxication becomes very short, not more than 20-30
    minutes and requires repeated inhalation.

    Toxicomes are combined in companies, justified in attics,
    in abandoned premises, at dachas and t. D. They refuse to
    the rest, non-nucleic life, vagribulating, make theft and
    Sexual crimes. Most often, children are drawn in toxicization
    disadvantaged families, lowest and cultural level,
    Street, poorly spending at school, spending all their time on
    Streets in idle tents. But this does not mean that from danger to get into
    Circle toxicomes are insured by children from prosperous families. Lack
    Impressions, negative attitude towards home education and disadvantage
    Communication with peers they can also try to compensate
    dangerous games in companies where everything is permitted.

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