Starvation: «per» and «against». Cascading starvation


  • Supporters of starvation
  • Opponents of starvation

  • No one will argue with the fact that the life of a modern man, especially the city inhabitant, is not the ideal. Gazed air, dirty water, doubtful quality products, noise, low-speed, stress and diseases of the XXI century - all these factors reduce life. But each of us hopes that there is a method that can reduce the negative impact of the environment. Many of these methods consider starvation. So, the starvation is heals, and what can sob?

    Supporters of starvation

    Fasting supporters say apparent: in search of a way to become a healthy person appeals to representatives of traditional medicine, which, despite the entire progressiveness of science, are also able to make mistakes. Medicines that we take often fighting only with symptoms, at the same time damaging health. At the same time, very many diseases could be defeated with the help of proper nutrition, movement and positive attitude.

    Fasting helps the body remember the mechanism that is responsible for saturation. We tend to overeat, do not hear the signals that already fed. Refraining for some time from food, a man again learns to feel hunger, and not appetite, and gets rid of food dependence.

    Starvation Saying good dealing with eating, we begin to control your weight. Fasting in a short time helps to remove extra kilograms, because during abstaining from food the body spends its own resources. Regular and systematic starvation can improve metabolism, curable obesity forever.

    Besides, starvation leads to the removal of slags from the body. At the same time, we do not need to use expensive drugs for internal body cleansing: starvation for free and physiologically.

    During starvation, the body does not spend power to digest food. The released energy is spent on self-healing the body and cure from various diseases. Fasting treats and heals the whole body.

    In 2005, the Ministry of Health and Social Development issued a benefit for doctors «Application of unloading and dietary therapy (RDT) in restoration medicine», What proves support for fasting from official medicine.

    Opponents of starvation

    Specialists of the medical nutritional treatment Institute of Food Rams do not agree with the benefit of starvation. They say that in starvation mode the body is in a state of stress, reducing the metabolic rate and saving energy consumption. Therefore, immediately after returning to the power, the frightened organism begins to accumulate fat « for a rainy day», From what the weight loss during fasting is irrelevant.

    With long starvation, the body that feeds on its own reserves, begins to split not only fats, but also proteins. Result - weakened muscles and flue skin, decreased immunity. Also possible disorders of the digestion, nervous system, weakening mental abilities and even infertility. Long fast and potency can also be interrelated.

    Starvation In addition to exposure to the body, physiological stress, a starving person and psychological discomfort, even if it is not aware. The feeling of euphoria appearing in fasting mode - nothing but the impact of ketone bodies on the brain. Ketone bodies - organic compounds formed in the liver with incomplete oxidation of fatty acids as a result of metabolic disorders.

    Especially, the opponents of starvation are warned, fasting is dangerous in obesity, as the person is experiencing a means of not heavy artillery, and a soft change in the power and physical exertion.

    Even during therapeutic starvation under strict medical control, patients are mandatory received intravenous solutions of glucose, amino acids and electrolytes.

    Thus, starvation - strong comprehensive stress for the body, which can lead to serious failures of the endocrine system and a set of even greater weight.

    Where is the truth? As we see, opinions are diametrically opposed. And what about practices? We would like to listen to the stories about the starvation of those who are not familiar with him.

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