Proper nutrition after surgery


  • Proper nutrition after surgery
  • What products are recommended additionally?
  • What products are worth putting taboo?

  • Proper nutrition after surgery

    Proper nutrition after surgeryWhat should be the diet of a woman who is diagnosed «mammary cancer»?

    First, And most importantly, the rule: all products must be fresh, and dishes - freshly prepared. Equally important to store products properly. For example vegetable oil not «tolerate» Metal dishes, air and light, so it is better to store it in a bottle of dark glass.

    Second rule: Observe the power mode. About sandwiches and other «Sukhinky» Have to be forgotten.

    Third rules: Products must be selected as much as possible to reduce the load on the liver and kidney. (The fact is that chemotherapy, and irradiation - a huge burden on the body. Liver and kidneys have a lot «Cleansing », To derive harmful substances.

    What products should be preferred, and which - ruthless «Exit» From the ration? Let's start with fat, the average daily need in which - 90 g. Of these, 30 g - vegetable origin. But these are the most 30 g are not recommended to be used for frying (toxic substances are formed in thermal processing in oil). The remaining 60 g occurs on butter, cottage cheese, sour cream and meat.

    To fill the loss of proteins (the cause of which is a specific treatment of tumors), the body requires approximately 80 g of this component. Cannot be abused by proteins - in more quantities they create an additional burden on the liver and kidney. Beef, low-fat pork and cottage cheese, marine fish, eggs - reliable sources of proteins.

    There are proteins and plant origin, which are contained in Soy. Unfortunately, this product for some reason consumes little. And in vain, because it is able to bring radionuclides. Up to 30 g per day - such must be the share of soybean in the daily diet.

    But with products, rich hydrocarbons, the situation is more difficult. The number of ordinary sugar during specific treatment should be minimized - 30-40 g per day, and in the absence of allergies on beekeeping products - it is better to replace it with honey. Starch, fiber, pectins The body is necessary about 350 g per day. But it is very important to make the right choice: from croup you should prefer buckwheat and oatmeal (manna in this list should be in the last place), and from flour products - bread with bran (if there are no contraindications - ulcerative disease and gastritis with increased acidity).

    And of course, vegetables and fruits... Undoubtedly. First, they are rich in fiber, stimulating the work of the gallbladder and intestines. Secondly, they contain natural antioxidants - vitamin C and beta-carotene. Thirdly, in red and yellow vegetables and fruits there are bioflavonoids that help to recover cellular membranes after the course of chemotherapy and radio.

    What products are recommended additionally?

    Fish fat or fatty varieties of fish that contain substances, «Restarishing» cell shells; Kuragu, raisins - in them a lot of potassium, reinforcing the excretory function of the kidneys; Sea cabbage - she recordsman on the content of trace elements.

    What products are worth putting taboo?

    We advise you to abandon dishes prepared from the liver, because it is considered to be disinfectant «Factory» in the body. Do not get involved in vegetables grown in greenhouses. Pickled better replace quashen. And sharp products - smoked meat, fish, herring - you need to exclude in general from the diet. Refuse fried dishes in favor of boiled, steam stewed. And be sure to follow your weight - if it has changed more than three kilograms - you will advise with a specialist.

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