Massage after amputation


The task of the surgeon in amputation is not exhausted by surgical
intervention. No less important task - «upbringing» cult, preparation
Her prosthetics. «Beautiful and correct anatomically educated
cult, "says. BUT. Bogoraz (1925), is not at the same time better
from a functional point of view».

Ammputa cult must respond
The following requirements:

  • It must have the right, smooth outlines
    (not to have a cone shape);
  • be painless;
  • Fabrics cult
    Must be minimally edema and reduced as much as possible in volume;
  • leather
    the cult should be well stretched, hardly seized in a fold,
    should not have protruding;
  • The endclock must be closed more
    or less thick (but without excess) layer of soft tissues;
  • scar by
    cult should be narrow, smooth, located away from exposed
    pressure points;
  • The cult must be worn output;
  • function
    The cult should be completely preserved against muscle strength and amplitude

The foundations of all these conditions are laid on the operating table, but each
Conditions may be lost or elevated depending on the mode
amputation cult, as well as on the quality of subsequent treatment. So,
Incorrect position of the cult after surgery, insufficient attention
To preserve its function can lead to the development of contractures and determine
Vicious position of cult.

Culite can be sensitive, end
It can take a color-shaped form as a result of improper binting
Or improper massing. As is known, the process of forming amputation
cult in order to prepare it for prosthetics (elimination of stagnant
Elevations, Emirates in the field of cult, prevention of development of atrophy
musculatures) quite long - it can last up to 10 - 15
months. Massage, especially in combination with gymnastics, significantly
Reduces this time.

How to massage after amputation

Cold massage can be started after removing the operating
Shvov. Healing with secondary tension, the presence of a granulating wound
surfaces, even the presence of fistulas at normal temperature, no
local inflammatory reaction, as well as pathological blood changes
is not a contraindication for massage. Massage techniques apply
Different types of strokes, rubbing and easy kneading (spiral-shaped
in the longitudinal direction).

In the first week to avoid massage
near the postoperative seam until it is strengthened. In the presence of Rubatov
formations, soldered with the treasures of the cult, massage is
excellent means to remove these battles. In such cases, first
The queue apply various seizures of kneading (shifting scar and t.
e). For the development of the repair of the cult in the area of ​​the distal end
Vibration is used in the form of the formation, sings, quenching.

Massage after amputation
ATTENTION When massaged an amputated limb, you need to pay
muscles that have survived after surgery and should contribute to restoration
Normal movements. So, after amputation in the area of ​​the middle third of the thigh
It is recommended to maximize the adductors and extensions of the thigh.

amputation below the knee joints should be paid to
Strengthening a quadrice muscle. After amputation in the middle third of the shoulder
selectively strengthen the abductors and muscles exercising outdoor
Rotary shoulder. Exercises in abduccia (limb to side) shoulders prevent deltoid atrophy
and a superval muscle (strengthening of muscles, reducing shoulder) and suitable atropho
and small round muscles (muscles moving shoulder duck).

Massage amputation culture first should not last more than 5-10 minutes;
Gradually, the duration of the massage procedure is adjusted to 15 - 20 minutes.
For the development of the cult function, mobility has very important
Nearest joints. In the process of massage it is recommended to produce physical
Exercises that need to be started before.

These include
First of all, the sending of motor pulses aimed at performing
Movements of Cold in various directions. Such exercises contribute
strengthen the crossed muscles, mobilization of the scars and
Enhance the trophic of the fabrics of the cult. Exercises are produced daily 3-5
once a day. Exercises for a healthy limb are also recommended
all joints; Such exercises significantly contribute to the recovery process
In Kult.

Next use exercises aimed at the development of its endurance
and loosening: presses the end of the cult on special pads
Various stiffness (cotton, sand, felt, wooden stand), tender
stuffed with wooden hammer, lifted felt, and t. NS. For the purpose of education
coordination skills when standing and walking with prosthesis, as well as recovery
Tactile, muscular and articular feeling in the remaining part of the limb
It is recommended to combine massage with equilibrium development exercises:
Tilting of the body, semi-man and squatting on one leg with open
and closed eyes. Very important care for crop skin.

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