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  • Askaridoz
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  • Askaridoz

    Ascaridosis is the most frequent helminthium, distributed throughout the earth

    The pathogen - Human Ascaris (Ascaris Lumbricoides), round
    Helmint. Adult individuals have a spindle-shaped. Alive or just
    Standing from the intestine ascaris of reddate yellow color, after death become
    Whitish. The male is noticeably less females, its length is 15-25 cm and the rear end of the body
    Hooked hooked. The female has a straight body with a length of 25-40 cm and 3-6 mm in thickness.

    A person in whose intestines parasitize females and males ascaris is
    The only source of invasion. Mature Askarida female is able to postpone
    245000 eggs per day. Unripe helminth eggs are highlighted in the external environment,
    their ripening occurs with a favorable temperature and humidity.
    The larva ripens inside the egg for 9-42 days at an optimal temperature - 24-30° WITH. Mobile larva, formed in the egg, makes a molt and only
    After that, it acquires an invasive (infecting) ability. Human infection
    occurs when swallowing mature eggs, vegetables are the main value on the surface
    which are soil particles. A certain danger to distribution
    Askaridoza represent gardening and garden areas, where the soil fertilizer is sometimes
    Used human feces.

    After swallowing and getting into the small intestine, larvae go out of mature eggs,
    which are introduced into the walls of the intestine and penetrate the blood vessels. With current
    Blood larvae fall into the liver and light (migration stage 6-8 weeks), and
    They can also get into the brain, eyes and other organs. In light larva
    actively goes to alveoli and bronchioles, moves on small and large bronchoms
    With the help of the eyelet of the epithelium before the rotogling, where the larvae is swallowing
    With mocroid. Finding back into the intestines, the larva for 70-75 days reaches
    puberty (intestinal stage, after 8 weeks after infection). Duration
    The life of adult ascarides reaches the year, after which her death and together
    With the feces she is removed outward.

    Symptoms and Askaridoz

    What is ascaridosis
    Askaridoz manifestations depend on the localization of parasites.
    In the clinical course of ascarideosis, two phases are distinguished - early (migration) and
    Late (intestinal). In the migration phase of ascarisidosis manifestation of the disease
    expressed, it proceeds imperceptibly. Sometimes the beginning of the disease is manifested with pronounced
    Awildness, a dry cough appears or with a slight amount of mucous
    sputum, less often mucous-purulent. Motica sometimes acquires orange color
    and has a small blood admixture. Body temperature is usually normal or subfebrile
    (up to 38° WITH). Very characteristic of this stage changes on the skin, which often
    manifest themselves as wretched and small bubbles with transparent content on
    Tasters and feet.

    With a radiographic study of the lungs, rounded, star,
    Polygonal infiltrates. Infiltrates can be both solid and multiple,
    Detected in one share or all over light.

    The intestinal phase of ascarides is associated with the stay of helminths in the intestine. Sometimes
    It proceeds without pronounced symptoms, more often patients celebrate increased
    fatigue, change in appetite (lower), nausea, sometimes vomiting, pain in
    stomach. Pains occur in the top of the abdomen, around the navel or at the bottom right
    and worn gravity. Some patients have diarrhea, others
    constipation or alternation of diarrhea with constipation. From the nervous system during ascariasis
    Common headache, dizziness, increased mental fatigue. Observed
    Restless sleep, night fears, dizziness attacks, hysterical seizures,
    Causes. In some cases, changes from the eye - expansion
    pupils, pupils of different sizes, light, reduction of visual acuity. From side
    Cardiovascular system In part of patients with ascariasis, there is a decline
    Arterial pressure. Sometimes the stay of Askarid in the intestine becomes the cause
    The emergence of bronchitis and bronchial asthma.

    Complications of Askaridoza

    Intestinal obstruction, which is caused by closing the lumen
    intestines tangle from ascarid; Askaridoznaya appendicitis; Ascaridosis of the liver and bile
    paths (cholangogeatitis) with development; Inflammation of biliary tract - purulent
    cholangitis and multiple liver abscesses; Askaridosis of the pancreas with development
    acute pancreatitis; Askarid hit in respiratory tract with suffocation

    Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of ascarideosis

    In the migration phase - the detection of ascaride larvae in sputum;
    Detection of specific antibodies in the blood using immunological reactions.
    In the intestinal stage of the disease, the main method is the study of feces on
    Eggs Askarid. If the eggs are detected in duodenal content, then it can
    testify to the presence of parasites in bile and pancreatic ducts.

    For the expulsion of Askarid, piperazine adipient, Pyrantel
    and levamizol (decaris). Effective tool with ascariasis is oxygen,
    it is introduced through the gastric probe in the morning on an empty stomach or 3-4 hours after breakfast
    2-3 days in a row. The amount of oxygen per session is 1500 ml, after administration
    Oxygen patient must lie 2 hours. Oxygen contraindicated with ulcerative
    Diseases and inflammatory diseases in the abdominal cavity.
    Piperazine Adipinat is prescribed 2 times a day in 1 hour before or after 30-60 minutes
    After eating for 2 days in a row at a dose of 1.5-2 g at the reception, the daily dose is
    3-4 g.

    Currently, instead of piperazine, it is preferred to assign inward once
    Levamizol (decaris) at a dose of 150 mg after meals. Pyrantel (Combarnian, Helmintoks,
    Nemocide) is prescribed inside during or after eating in a dose of 10 mg / kg body weight.
    Tablet before swallowing should be carefully checked.

    It is necessary to protect the soil of vegetable gardens, gardens and berries
    from pollution by feces, thoroughly wash your arms before eating, wash and boil
    boiling water vegetables and fruits before use.

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