Bronchial asthma: a history of illness


  • Bronchial asthma: causes in childhood
  • Bronchial asthma: the history of adult disease
  • Factors of etiology of bronchial asthma

  • Bronchial asthma: a history of illnessBronchial asthma — sad story «decorated» Attachments of chunk arising from the spasm and edema of bronchi, improving the secretion of bronchial mucus and violation of the mechanisms of its elimination. This is a severe chronic disease characterized by the damage to the bronchial wood, its increased sensitivity to stimuli associated with immunological and non-immunological mechanisms. The disease may be due to congenital predisposition to bronchial asthma and reasons associated with various acquired pathology of the immune, respiratory, nervous or endocrine system.

    According to statistics, bronchial asthma is more often evolving against the background of allergies or infection, but why the disease enters into their rights, and others do not occur at all? Who is predisposed to the development of bronchial asthma?

    Bronchial asthma: causes in childhood

    • It is believed that genetic health has a great influence on the development of the disease, the bronchial asthma is due to the hereditary predisposition in 46.3% of cases. Moreover, the most pronounced dependence is clearly traced in atopic bronchial asthma. According to statistics, if in the family of asthma is sick one of the parents, the likelihood of a child in a child is 20-30%, if the mother, and the father of asthmatics, in 75% of cases, their heir will suffer from bronchial asthma. Genetic markers testifying to the threat of disease can be certain histocompatibility antigens that can be identified by special analyzes.
    • Causes and etiology of bronchial asthmaMedical history «bronchial asthma» May be rooted during the intrauterine development of the child. It has been established that in age parents, children have a higher risk of asthma. The child's illness occurs more often if the mother suffered any viral disease during pregnancy, if her health was dried allergic. Bronchial asthma — The history of children born ahead of time, which is most likely due to the initial functional immaturity of the lungs, with which the child appears on the light, and with which he has to enter.
    • Regardless of the etiology, bronchial asthma develops more often in people of hypersthenic and normative type.
    • The probability of getting more for those children who, at an early age, fed artificially, suffered from dysfunction of the gastrointestinal tract, diathesis, often walked and hurt with viral respiratory tract infections. For those who swallowed the tobacco smoke, smokey parents, probably already undermined health, bronchial asthma, they do not have to wait long, it will be powered on the fertile soil of bronchi dysfunction.

    Bronchial asthma: the history of adult disease

    Bronchial asthma in adults — Often the story, continuing professional diseases of the respiratory system. The risk of disease increases dramatically if the working conditions leave much to be desired, associated with inhalation of industrial allergens, chemical and mechanical impurities, cold or too hot air.

    Household allergens also play a big role, in particular, in the etiology of atopic bronchial asthma. Washing and cleaning powders, household dust, cosmetics, chemical impurities highlighted in air with construction and finishing materials are no less harmful than production factors.

    The main causes of bronchial asthmaSigning colds and smoking — Flame «Adult» History, bronchial asthma in this case is usually developing against the background of acute and chronic bronchitis, pneumonia when attaching an allergic component.

    The causes of bronchial asthma can be held in constant neuro-psychological stress, chronic stress, disturbing disorders, a vegetative dystonia, leading to a change in the tone and secretion of bronchi, increase their sensitivity to stress hormones.

    Women often discovered hormonal bronchial asthma, genital health, the well-coordinated work of the entire reproductive system always support the normal state of the respiratory system, while hormonal disorders and endocrine restructuring are immediately reflected on the functions of the bronchi.

    Factors of etiology of bronchial asthma

    • Noncommunicable allergens: pollen, dust, food, industrial, medicinal, tick and others.
    • Infectious allergens: viral, bacterial, fungal and others.
    • Mechanical and chemical stimuli: dust and chemicals.
    • Physical and meteorofactors: temperature changes, atmospheric pressure, change of air humidity, magnetic storms.
    • Physical tension.
    • Neuropsychiatric stress.

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