Child cerebral palsy: social adaptation opportunities. Part 2


  • Obtaining education
  • Learning at home
  • Training in the boarding school
  • We will bypass without professionals?
  • Work and career
  • Laws of Success

  • Child cerebral palsy: opportunities for social adaptation. Part 2

    Obtaining education

    Unfortunately, not all secondary schools are ready to accept
    child with cerebral palsy. But experimental classes, where together with the usual
    Children's children with disabilities are studying and still exist.

    they are found in private schools, where the number of students is much
    less than in bulk, and where the teacher is easier to choose the program
    learning taking into account the individual characteristics of each child.

    If the toddler motor disorders are so pronounced that
    allow him to move independently and master the skills
    self-service, it is worth thinking about learning at home or at the boarding school.

    Learning at home

    Learning at home has virtues and disadvantages.
    Of course, in the usual, well acquaintance, the child feels
    Confidence and security. And the individual work of the teacher with the baby
    Allows you to pay for maximum attention and carefully control
    The process of mastering the material.

    However, it is impossible to comprehend all completeness
    human relations, being only in a family circle or reading books.
    Education one on one with the teacher deprives a sick child
    Related communication with peers. Under such conditions, the process
    Socialization slows down significantly, and many problems in
    relationships with the surrounding and remain unresolved.

    Training in the boarding school

    This method of obtaining education allows you to eliminate the problem
    Social isolation. In the boarding school, the child not only gets common
    knowledge, but also learns labor skills, and experienced specialists spend
    Events aimed at professional orientation. Timely
    The help of defectologists, physicians, LFC instructors makes not only
    eliminate many violations caused by the disease, but also prepares
    Toddler to the meeting with the outside world.

    I would like to bring as an example of the word one of the graduates of this
    boarding school. Currently, this is a talented programmer, director
    Successful advertising firm.

    Somehow in conversation he said:

    «I am very
    I am grateful to parents for putting me at the boarding school. Exactly
    there I learned independence. If they didn't do this, I did not
    would have what I have now».

    However, parents should not be tuned to teach their baby
    Only experienced teachers will be able to all wisdoms of life. The earlier
    The correctional events started, the easier the process will be held
    Adaptation to the surrounding reality. And elementary skills
    self-service must be tried to instill to the child before the onset
    School age.

    We will bypass without professionals?

    Some moms and dads prefer to raise their children with cerebral palsy
    Houses, alone. However, real help to the child can be rendered
    only subject to the collaboration of various specialists.

    Many rehabilitation centers have specially equipped
    Sports Halls, RelaxChild cerebral palsy: opportunities for social adaptation. Part 2Rooms, pools, and training program
    In such institutions, not only common disciplines, but also
    Additional busyand I, aimed at correction and improvement
    psychomotor development, speech therapy and psychological assistance,
    restMotor functions. And besides - daily
    Medical control.

    Work and career

    People with a light form of cerebral palsy can master many specialties. This is
    First of all, the profession of mental labor: Economy

    Mysteries, younger
    Medical staff, teachers (but not teachers of junior classes,
    where calligraphic handwriting is required).

    For people with medium degree
    PPCs will be more suitable for specialty, allowing to work at home, -then
    programmers, journalists freelancers and even (when the movements are preserved
    Hands) Swedes. In severe cases, employment is impossible.

    Laws of Success

    If mom and dad want to raise their baby full
    Personality, as adapted to existence in society,
    Despite a severe illness, they need to learn two gold rules for efficient operation:

    • Every child has
      Individual range of available features, with careful study
      which can be selected the most adequate share of the load.

    • Good
      The result can be achieved only if you rely on the verge
      possible, and not looking around for past defeats. Successful success is
      Systematic, patient and targeted work.

    But the main thing that the child should know and feel, is that
    a huge and not always friendly world there is a small island where he
    can always feel protected, beloved and welcome. BUT
    The desire to achieve something in life will appear only when
    Little man will believe that it is able to change his position in

    Moms and dads should always remember: every child is required
    will become an adult. And from the decisions we adopted today will depend
    Tomorrow's victory and defeat of our children.

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