Acute belly syndrome in children


Acute belly syndrome in childrenChild disease — Always grave test for parents. Suffering kid is unbearable for a loving adult. Sometimes at such moments we make reckless actions, we try to remove pain pills as quickly as possible, while completely different should be done. Acute belly in children — The reason for the strongest pain, reason for serious concern and active actions of parents. What includes this concept «acute belly syndrome in children»? What signs are talking about the critical situation in the abdominal cavity? What to do and how to help your child?

Causes of acute abdomen in children

Acute belly — This is a complex of symptoms, the appearance of which is due to acute surgical diseases of the abdominal organs. Allow the situation in many cases is possible only by urgent surgical intervention.

Most often, the cause of acute abdomen in children become inflammatory diseases of the abdominal organs:

  • acute appendicitis,
  • Acute pancreatitis,
  • Acute cholecystitis,
  • Acute diverticulitis,
  • Perforative stomach and duodenal ulcers,
  • Intestinal obstruction,
  • renal colic,
  • Georns necrotic enterocolitis and others.

Signs of acute abdomen

  • Sharp abdominal pain that can have different localization and intensity.
  • Symptoms of peritonean irritation, manifested by local pain in touching the abdomen and the voltage of the anterior abdominal wall.
  • Symptoms expressed in varying degrees (increase in body temperature, nausea, vomiting and others).

The appearance of pain in diseases of the internal organs is due to ischemia, that is, the deterioration of blood supply and oxygen starvation of tissues, muscle spasms and stretching the walls of the organs, as well as their inflammation.

Pain in the upper belly department on the right is characteristic of diseases of the liver, gallbladder and biliary tract, duodenal diseases, the right kidney, pancreas and a large intestine. With diseases of biliary tract and gallbladder, pain can give under the blade, on the right shoulder, clavicle, in the neck. When renal colic, pain spreads down the ureter.

The pain in the top of the belly on the left appears in the diseases of the stomach, pancreas, the left kidney, spleen.

Pain in the bottom of the belly on the right — Sign of appendicitis or disease of the lower part of the large intestine, it can appear when defeating the right kidney and genital organs. If the pain occurs at the bottom left, it is worth thinking about sigmoid, the disease of the left kidney and problems in sexual sphere.

Signs of acute abdomenIt should be remembered that the localization of pain does not always correspond to the location of the authority. It can focus in another part, break throughout the abdomen, and later concentrate in a certain zone.

For appendicitis, the appearance of pain in the misses and the umbilical areas is characterized, later falls into the right iliac region.

Stomach pain does not always indicate availability «acute abdomen syndrome», It can be a manifestation of surrounding organs, such as spine or musculature damage.

In the nature of abdominal pain there are spastic and tonic. Spastic pains occur with strong cuts in the muscles of hollow internal organs. For inflammation are typical gradually growing stupid pain. Catching pain, for example, occurs during acute appendicitis and is due to a reduction in the muscles of a heart-shaped process when the surveillance of his lumen is. Permanent pain in appendicitis occurs later when Appendix is ​​inflamed.

«Kinja pain» Most often occurs during perforation or spinning a hollow organ, that is, with its breakthrough or intraperitoneal bleeding. It can be a symptom of blockage of the lumen of the blood vessel and the development of an organ infarction. The sharp start of painful syndrome is typically also for renal colic.

What to do when the syndrome occurs «acute belly» The child has?

First of all, you should immediately call the brigade «Ambulance». At «acute abdomen» The hospitalization is shown in the surgical department of the hospital.

As an alternative, you can consider independent delivery of the child to the nearest medical institution. Patient transportation is carried out in the floor position — Lying, with a slightly bent in the knees of legs and roller in the popliteal area. You can attach an ice bubble to the stomach, warming compresses are categorically prohibited. Do not give a child painkillers, it is «Lubricheet» Clinical picture of the disease and make it difficult for diagnosis.

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