Diet for a child in disease Botkin


  • Disease
    Botkin: Features of a diet for a child
  • Recommended Food For Compliance with Botkin Diet
  • Measures
    Prevention in disease Botkin (hepatitis A)

  • Diet for a child in disease Botkin
    Diet for a child in disease Botkin
    Playing great importance. The liver of man disinfects blood, destroying everything
    Harmful compounds entering the body and with food including. When hepatitis
    And it is very important to unload the liver as much as possible, as its work in reinforced
    mode requires the colossal energy costs and the use of complex
    Enzymes. Even if the child has no expressed symptoms
    Botkin's diseases, diet must be observed strictly.

    Botkin: Features of a diet for a child

    When Botkin's disease develops, symptoms grow gradually. Justice Scler and Leather
    It occurs on 5-7 days of pathology (at the end of the initial stage of hepatitis A), but
    Nutrition restrictions must be respected from the moment of diagnosing the disease.
    With Botkin's disease, a diet for a child can not be overly strict. Recommended Table No
    5a (No. 5 — When improving state).

    In nutrition must stick
    The following recommendations:

    • Food must be
      Easily-friendly, nutritious and attractive for kid.
    • Prohibited fried I
      Excessively fatty dishes.
    • The task of therapeutic
      Nutrition — Maximum unload liver and stomach.
    • Food must be in
      semi-liquid state, maximum useful and natural.
    • Recommended
      Avoid smoked, marinades, seasonings, sauces, spices, carbonated
      Beverage, greasy meat, mustard, cocoa, chocolate, cakes, cakes.
    • Food must be
      warm and nutritious (rich in proteins).

    Recommended Food For Compliance with Botkin Diet

    Recommended Food For Compliance with Botkin Diet

    • Low-fat meat
    • Chicken eggs.
    • Kashi.
    • Boiled meat; fish,
      Baked in the oven with vegetables.
    • Dairy.
    • Fruits and vegetables.
    • Butter.

    With a pronounced liver failure
    The amount of protein per day is reduced to 30-40g. It is useful to carry out lungs
    Unloading Days — Milk-kefir, fruit and vegetable, cottage cheese. But any
    Changes in the child's diet must be reasonable and concerted with the attending

    Children during illness often refuse
    food at all that can negatively affect their well-being and the total
    Diseases. To increase the appetite, it is recommended to feed in the form of the game,
    take care of aesthetics. Do not force a child to eat when he is tired
    or feels especially bad. Planning feeding in the period when the kid
    Cheerful, Bodr and in a good mood.

    Any disease is easiest
    prevent than long and hard to treat it. Children are very difficult to transfer
    ailments, cry, capricious, sleep well and refuse food. For that,
    In order not to occur Botkin's disease, prevention should be carried out regularly.

    Prevention in disease Botkin (hepatitis A)

    1. Child learning for personal hygiene rules. Kid must learn to wash
      hands after visiting the toilet, on returning home and necessarily before meals.
    2. Teach the baby to take care of yourself, explain what to take
      Hands in the mouth are dangerous to health.
    3. Keep clean bathroom, kitchen.
    4. Use high-quality food, well washed vegetables and
      Fruit, purified water.
    5. With the appearance of hepatitis flashes, in kindergarten, at school
      Observe quarantite.
    6. Conduct vaccination against hepatitis A (especially before traveling to
      Hot countries unfavorable in epidemic testimony).

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