How to treat incurable autism?


What is autism?

How to treat incurable autism?
First of all, this is not a single disease, but a whole complex of various neurological diseases and behavioral disorders united by some general signs: a significant violation of social and communicative functions of a child and a decrease in interest in communication with other people.

A child suffering from autism is almost unable to establish relationships with other people, society and the outside world, its condition is practically not amenable to traditional methods of treatment. Sick children often meet disorders of incomplete communication: the lack of visual contact, unusual gestures and strange postures.

In most cases, autistic children have significant problems of speech development, while the lack of words is not replenished with gestures or facial. Children with a normally developed speech refuse to communicate, do not look at the interlocutor in the eyes and do not show interest in the conversation, and their speech is replete with the repetition of the same phrases, words or syllables.

For the first time about autism as the disease, just about 60 years ago, but in those days, such disorders were extremely rare. Today, the spread of autism is compared on the scale of the epidemic that covered the whole world, and the number of patients already reaches one to 200. In some countries, statistics are becoming even more frightening – In England, for example, one child is sick of 60.

The reasons for the rapid growth in the incidence of autism to the end are not clarified. The movement of opponents of immunization accuses to vaccine and contained in mercury vaccines, the poisoning of which really gives a similar picture of the disease. Mercury poisoning can occur in other ways – Through Amalgam Mother Films, Infected Mercury Seafood, Industrial Waste, Pesticides, Various Synthetic Materials and Medicines.

Traditional treatment: deadlock

Conventional medicine is practically unable to offer any medication to the treatment of autism. Most often, patients prescribe stimulants (for example, «Ritaly») and neuroleptics («Risperidone») who are capable only to suppress the symptoms of the disease and make the situation more tolerant for parents forced to raise an associate child.

Such treatment does not contribute to the development of speech in a patient or the formation of contact with the surrounding world, it can only make a child less aggressive and restless, more convenient for others. For this convenience, however, you have to pay a considerable price – The side effects of drugs are much higher than their positive effect.

Selecting deadlock: homeopathy

An alternative to a stunning child with medicines, as in many other cases, is naturopathy and homeopathy. Treatment of autism with natural methods based on three pillars:

  • strict diet without gluten and casein;
  • behavioral therapy;
  • Homeopathy.

Studies show that the digestive system of autists is working deficiently – It is not able to split many proteins, and most of all difficulties occurs when the gluten molecules are clever (protein contained in most cereals) and casein (dairy protein). The intestinal walls in the patient with autuism permeable, so intolerable molecules fall into the blood and act on the brain of the child like opiates, causing a narcotic dependence on flour and dairy products.

Parents of autists are well known that sick children often refuse any food except those that brings them a narcotic satisfaction. They drink milk in giant quantities and eat only flour, to again and again cause a feeling of calm and euphoria, because of which they closes in their own illusory world.

How to treat incurable autism?
In this case, as with ordinary drug addiction, parents should primarily take away the infant drugs in the child. Translate an autista to a diet without gluten and casein is very difficult, but without this, the remaining methods of therapy can only provide a temporary and unstable result, since the child will continue to be influenced by the disintegration of substances. By itself, the diet will not cure the patient, but it will create the condition necessary for cure.

Many disturbances in autists are well amenable to treat classical homeopathy, if homeopath is individually suited to each case and finds among dozens of drugs, the only one who is like this particular child. Treatment of autism – Long-term and painstaking work that may take several months before the emergence of the first results, but it leads to vivid results, contributing to the development of speech and socialization, causing a child to establish contact with others and developing communication skills.

During homeopathic treatment, the work of speech therapists, audiologues, physiotherapists and children's psychologists can have invaluable assistance. It will help quickly catch up the missed time of development and form conversational and social skills of the child. Treatment of autism should be comprehensive, it cannot be limited only by the introduction of the necessary diet, receiving homeopathic medicine or behavioral therapy.

Autism – This is not a sentence. Patients with autistic children can be treated.

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