Children «indigo»: Who are they? Part 2


  • Picasso or Don Corleon?
  • The whole thing in the genome?
  • Teflon, but not a frying
  • Slamp Napoleon
  • Argument of a specialist
  • Problem children
  • Argument scientists

  • Picasso or Don Corleon?

    argue that from «Purull» Children can grow and brilliant
    Artists, and cruel gangsters, and crazy scientists, easy
    Perebaching borders of common sense. Indigo nothing fear. For
    Achieve your goal they do not stop before. For them not
    There are no prohibitions or authorities. They are made of special test!

    Children & laquo; Indigo & Raquo ;: Who are they? Part 2
    Russia does not yet have a certain concept of education and training
    Indigo children. In the USA and Canada, for several years there are special
    Centers where indigo. For them created special schools. In Israel
    Indigo's problem oversees the government.

    In France, young people with
    IQ above 130 can go to study in any prestigious university for
    State account. In Moscow, the first meeting on Indigo
    It took place in the fall of 2006. It was mostly dealt with that with
    Indigo need to do something.

    — Concept
    Education of such children is extremely necessary, — I am sure the psychologist Irina
    Gryaznova, — because it is not clear who we can grow in the end.

    Recent years in the United States began to pay attention to the frequent riot
    schoolchildren who deliberately oppose themselves. Them
    Hurried to call «Children with mental abnormalities».
    Bunters began to treat psychotropic substances. But then spent
    surveys and found out that these kids have a very high intelligence and
    Outstanding abilities.

    And today it is just known,
    that all those children who fired in their comrades in American and
    Japanese schools were among Indigo.

    The whole thing in the genome?

    The intellectual development coefficient of indigo-children today on average
    equal to 130, whereas before such an indicator was only one
    man out of ten thousand, — Noticed Irina Gryaznova. — Both hemisphere
    The brain from the indigo children is developed equally, which opens before
    with them huge opportunities. Immunity of representatives of this race is much
    Perfer than ordinary people. There are cases when «Purple»
    babies themselves… Healing from AIDS.

    electromagnetic oscillations emanating from indigo body, three times more than
    in ordinary person. Genetics believe that the whole thing in the genome. New
    Race differs from us with its genetic code. DNA molecule contains
    64 codon. Indigo includes 35 or more codons — units
    Genetic information encrypted in DNA molecule. From ordinary people
    20 codons are operating. It's obvious that «Sleeping» 44 codon from 64 — This
    reserve. And if they are «wake up», man acquires new qualities.

    Teflon, but not a frying

    In France, indigo children call «Teflon» Because of them, generally accepted rules of behavior.

    the fact that the body of any person surrounds an invisible sheath for the eye —
    Aura agree now many scientists. But violet color auras earlier
    There was no design in mankind. Other turned out to be the iris
    «New» Children — It has an unusual asterisk shape. Thus,
    You can talk about whole «Colonia» indigo children.

    «Indigo children» Entered the use of psychologists with a light hand of American Nancy
    Anne TEPP, which wrote in 1982. Book «How color helps better
    Understand your life». Characterizing the aura of people through color, she for the first time
    drew attention to his compliance of one or another human
    Temperature. Sanguinikov Aura — Red, Melancholic — Blue, U
    phlegmatikov — White, Holeriks — Yellow. And now children are born with
    Aura purple color, color violets.

    have a congenital healing gift and actively use it, sometimes even
    not suspecting about it. They can read other people as open
    the book, quickly notice and imperceptibly neutralize any, even strongly
    veiled attempts to manipulate themselves.Children & laquo; Indigo & Raquo ;: Who are they? Part 2

    Slamp Napoleon

    Located in the village of North Ossetia recently announced its welcome —
    6-year-old Georgy Hinchagi affects teachers of all three schools, where
    learns abilities to a mathematical account, linguistics and
    Amazing memory. Indigo's child lives in the village of Smere. He
    easily solves the most complex mathematical tasks, reads «Serious»
    newspapers, by heart declares the poems of classics. Parents tear George in
    Vladikavkaz, in school gifted children «Intelligence».

    at school strong thinking in g. Zelenograd, where there are teaching, one
    from 10-year-old «Purple children» prepared a treatise in which in the fluff and
    dust criticized Napoleon's Bonaparte policy.

    1991. In MVTU. Bauman was accepted without exams 12-year-old boy
    from g. Rubtsovsk Altai Territory, whose name was very unusual:
    Ernesto Evgeny Sanchez Shaud. Later he became the author of several
    Inventions. An even more young welderkind was 10-year-old
    Savelius Kosenko. The boy also became a student of MWU them. Bauman.
    Saveliy in two years already lean, at seven — Compiled by NA
    home computer. Externally passed exams for 5 classes. At 10
    Savely wrote a textbook on physics. And at ten years and two months of Saveli
    Kosenko entered the university, got into the Guinness Book of Records. Institute
    Savely graduated in 16 years. And studied a teenager at once in two faculties.

    Argument of a specialist

    Irina Gryznova, Psychologist:

    How to determine indigo whether your child? Here are characteristic features
    «Purple children»: They are persistent and decisive. They have amazing
    Intuition, they are able to make true solutions. Indigo Independent I
    proud even in humiliating situations. They are capable of rage and
    Cruelty if they are stumbled upon an irresistible wall
    indifference. Some indigo understand the language of plants and birds. And fish like
    Bulat Husaines from Kazan.

    Problem children

    unusual children often arise problems in school because they
    categorically reject authoritarian learning methods. Indigo often ne
    hear your teacher. They often have a blocking of an audible
    or visual information channel.

    Argument scientists

    In one voice, they advise to bring up adderkind in Spartan conditions.
    It is no coincidence in the world's most elite school — College «Eton» in
    Great Britain — Very stringent Spartan stays stay.

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