Loop therapy with rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy (children's cerebral paralysis)


  • Vaclav Loaut
  • The principle of the therapy
  • Exercise exercise

  • Vaclav Loaut

    In 1954, the Czech doctor Vaclav Voita, who worked for many years in the Munich center of the centers, offered the main models of the reflex movement forward, which were later classified and proposed as a method of therapy - a reflex locomotion or named the author, therapy.

    The principle of the therapy

    Loop therapy with rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy (children's cerebral paralysis)The principle of high therapy is influence not only on the motor sphere, but also on the whole body - on touch, vegetative and mental systems. When conducting therapy, changes in the frequency of the pulse, breathing and blood pressure are observed. The main task of the methodology is the formation of motor skills corresponding to the child's age. To solve this problem, use reflexes of crawling and turning. Their main phenomena affect the management of the body as a whole, its verticalization and the possibility of moving forward.

    The practical result of the therapy is the formation of the right motor habits. The effectiveness of therapy is determined by the help of logging and clinical data.

    Loop therapy as a method of rehabilitation of children with motor disorders can be implemented with a frequent repetition of exercises for a long time (3-4 times a day for 20-30 minutes for at least one year), and therefore is designed to integrate parents in the rehabilitation process. Parents are held at the training period in the rehabilitation center under the guidance of a specialist Loop therapist with further exercise at home. Logo-therapist periodically conducts a correction of the exercise complex during consultation or re-courses of rehabilitation in the center.

    Exercise exercise

    Exercise is fulfilled in fixing the child in the reflex position and manual exposure to the lesion zones. The choice of such a zone is manufactured individually and depends on the type of motor disorders and response reactions. Influence on stimulation zones does not cause pain. The negative behavior of the child to the forced position during therapy may be a manifestation of fear or natural protest, especially the youngest children. The negative behavior of the child should not be a manifestation of aggression and should be eliminated by the methods of psychological correction. In addition, preliminary psychological preparation of parents to conduct therapy and expected results is necessary.

    Before the start of the current therapy, the youngest children are conducted by logging, they inspect the neurologist and pediatrician, and, in addition, additional surveys are applied according to.

    With the introduction of the therapy as a rehabilitation technique, it is advisable to use it yourself. First of all, this is due to the calculation of adequate load. Loop therapy is incompatible with electric trains and muscle electrostimulation.

    The effectiveness of Loop-tolerance depends on the term of the treatment, «Maturity» Functional systems of the nervous system and the degree and stage of the disorders of the motor sphere. Treatment by the method of LOGA makes it possible to start the treatment of motor disorders from the newborn period. The greatest effectiveness of the treatment is achieved after preliminary familiarization of parents with the methodology and their sufficient psychological training with a personal long-term continuous implementation of the treatment technique.

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