What is a metal ceramic crown


    For which they put the crown

    Crowns are used to restore teeth, significantly destroyed by caries, broken, cracked or changed color, t.E. Those teeth that require replenishment of lost functions or aesthetics.

    Crowns are used for several reasons:

    • To restore an anatomical form;
    • To restore the function;
    • To strengthen the tooth;
    • To improve the aesthetic type of tooth.

    Advantages of dental crowns

    To restore the tooth, you can use a dental seal, but the crowns have much more advantages compared to a seal.

    The main advantages of dental crowns compared to the seal are:

    • better restoration of the initial shape of the tooth;
    • Best strengthening tooth.

    Stages of the manufacture of dental crowns

    What is a metal ceramic crownThe process of making a dental crown requires two to four visits.

    First visit

    During the first visit, the tooth is calculated with a thickness of 2 mm (crown thickness).

    After cutting the tooth, casts from the patient's teeth are removed. A special dental color is selected with a shade of a future crown of similar with neighboring teeth. After pulling out the tooth, a temporary crown is made and fixed on a sharp tooth temporary cement, t.To. On the manufacture of a constant crown in a dental laboratory takes several days.

    The resulting casts go to the dental laboratory. A gypsum model is cast in the laboratory (accurate copy of the patient's teeth). On the plaster model, the technician makes the crown.

    Second visit.

    Fitting Metal Frame Crown. If it is a crown metal-ceramic, then in the laboratory, first make a metal base crown - metal frame. In the clinic in your next (second) visit, this frame is trying to the tooth, and, making sure that he is exactly what he corresponds to him, they will go to the dental laboratory again, now to cover it with a special ceramic mass, at the expense of which the tooth looks at the color of natural teeth.

    Third visit.

    Installing a Permanent Crown on Tooth. After the doctor is convinced that the crown is perfectly sits on the tooth, t.E. It grips it tightly, does not interfere with the closure of the teeth, checks her shape and color, he will definitely demonstrate you the final result of his work and finds out your opinion on this. After your positive assessment, the doctor will begin the final stage of his work - to fixing the crown on the tooth. Crown is fixed with special cement.

    Indications for the use of metal ceramic crowns

    • Violation of anatomical shape and color of crowns of natural teeth due to both acquired pathological conditions (caries, injury, wedge-shaped defects, change in the color of the teeth with fluorosis, after sealing or receiving drugs - «Tetracycline teeth» and etc.) and congenital (anomalies of the values, shapes, the position of the teeth, the structure of solid tissues - the hereditary lesions of the enamel cover (imperfect aminogenesis) and others.);
    • Increased erasing of solid teeth tissues;
    • The presence of metallic fixed prostheses in need of replacement;
    • Allergy phenomena to plastic facing of non-removed prostheses.

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