How to treat a tooth stone: Primary and medical methods


  • What is a dental stone?
  • Why do you need to remove the dental?
  • How to remove the tooth stone at home
  • Toothpaste
  • Dental removal with laser
  • Prevention of the appearance of a dental stone

  • How to treat dented stone various meansIs it possible and how to treat the solar dentedstone at home? How much removing the dental stone with a modern laser effectively and safely?

    What is a dental stone?

    Dental — solid deposits on the teeth (usually from the inside of the tooth). Most often located on the neck of the tooth, but they can spread to the crown and root. Toothstone is formed during insufficient cleaning of teeth, whether it is natural or artificial, and occurs not only on the teeth, but also on dentures.

    Feeling the stone is perceived as a rough thief on the tooth. If you open your mouth in front of a mirror in a room with good lighting, you can see a brownish-yellow flare on the inside of the teeth (with a not very running stage, when the dental has not yet spread to the large surface of the tooth).

    Why do you need to remove the dental?

    Toothstone annoying gums and can provoke gingivitis (gum inflammation). In addition, the dented stone consists of not the most appetizing substances (dying epithelium, mucus, bacteria, food residues) and may be the reason for the unpleasant smell of mouth.

    How to remove the tooth stone at home

    Ways to remove the tooth stone at home. Is it possible to?Not always when detecting a dental stone is the opportunity to go to the dental clinic to say goodbye to him. Then enterprising citizens appeal to the folk tips and ask how to remove the dented stone at home, at the old women. Well, if they advise you to buy a dental toothpaste against a dental stone. Most often in the course of the recommendations to make a bummer with hydrogen peroxide or take «Dental hook» and scraping unpleasant education from teeth.

    If you seriously think about how to cure a dented stone in your own kitchen and how to remove the dental not at the dentist, but at home you need to know that there is no such true way. In addition, perhaps, pliers — Surely and forever, together with your teeth.
    Surely advertising, which says that the toothpaste, designed specifically against the dental stone, will help save money, also lying?


    Advertising is undermining, or rather, says more. Toothpaste removing — it is a myth. Toothstone is removed only in the dentist's office by professional means. However, the toothpaste containing sodium tetrapirophosphate or potassium tetrapirophosphate helps to prevent the appearance of the tartar.

    Another substance, triclozan, — It has a weak antimicrobial effect, inhibits the appearance of microbial plaques. Thus, indirectly prevents the formation of a tooth stone.

    True, the toothpastes prevent the formation of a toothache only in those places where the brush pulls out. Fitting area still risks to become a bridgehead for the outflow of a tooth stone.

    Dental removal with laser

    Is there a dental tooth against a dental?Forget about tips on how to remove tartar with appliant means. Modern dentistry owns an ideally working method for the dental dental laser.

    With this procedure, the laser beam crushes a dented stone into small parts, and the doctor flips it from the oral cavity with air and water. The laser beam does not damage the dental enamel and can penetrate the most hard-to-reach dislocation areas of the dental stone.

    Laser removal of stone — One of the fastest, painless and efficient procedures. The method is not cheap, but now, when the dental clinics grow like mushrooms, almost in any city you can find a variety of shares and special offers for dental removal.

    Prevention of the appearance of a dental stone

    So that it's time to wonder how to treat a dent stone, it is better to take care that he does not appear.

    Prevention methods:

    • Daily brush your teeth for three minutes.
    • Use dental thread.
    • Make sure that the table was solid food.
    • Once every six months go to the dentist on a prophylactic inspection.
    • If necessary, immediately agree on the laser dental removal procedure.

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