Contracture «In the load»


Contracture - disease «Wheelchairs»

Contracture & laquo; in load & raquo;With any form of paralysis, and at amputs of limbs, contractures often appear, T. E. Limitations of mobility joints. They arise as a consequence of prolonged immobility of a patient with polio, children's cerebral palsy, arthritis, in injuries and diseases of the spinal cord. Word «Contracture» translated as «Countering». If the child after transferred poliomyelitis crawls with permanent legs constantly bent, then the formation of contractures in the hip, knee and ankle joints is quite possible. They can develop in humans for a long time larger in bed, especially with the imposition of gypsum bandages during limb fractures, or in a gypsum crunch with spinal tuberculosis. In injuries of the cervical contracture may appear in all joints not only legs, but also hands.

With sluggish paralymps, for example, in the case of damage to the spinal cord at the lumbar level, the bending and extensive muscles of the legs are equally relaxed, and the occurrence of the tightness of the joints is less likely, although it is not excluded. But in spastic forms, for example, with children's cerebral palsy, Shaynik and spinal sobers, the tone of muscle flexors, as a rule, is stronger than the extensors. The phenomenon of the so-called muscular imbalance occurs, in which the flexors constantly in the voltage are gradually shortening, pull the tendons and do not give the joint to straighten.

Long-term fixation of the joint causes a change in soft tissues around the tendon, bundles are clogged with salts, and the joint becomes even less mobile. Most often, a bendable contracture is formed in this way, which, for example, does not allow to get bend in the hip joint and go down the belly on the hips, or fastens the feet in a drawn like a ballerina on pointers, the position that will not be able to stand on the feet in the future, even if palsy Let go.

It is very important to distinguish the spasticity itself, t. E. Tensions of muscles, from the already appeared of the joint joint and contracture. If, with a long force, the joint is first not fused, and then it is still amenable to, and the amplitude of movements in it is close to normal, then most likely we are just with a spastic. So, usually when trying to get on your feet in the Kneoopor, it takes a few minutes so that the oscillatory muscles are flexors under the load of the body weakened, and the jarred legs of the whole stop firmly stood on the ground. But if the joint does not succeed, even with a long force and after warm loaf, which acts relaxingly, it means that the joint is already adjacent.

Prevention of contracture U «Wheelchairs»

How to prevent the appearance and development of contractures? I repeat, this is especially important in spastic paralysis. Keep in mind that tangible spacious when defeating the spinal cord does not appear immediately, but a few months after paralysis, but it does not mean that it needs to wait. First of all, you need to comply with the right thing, t. E. dispersed, limb position. Do not allow a patient for a long time to lie on the side with bent risen legs, - spread the knees, putting a pillow between them. In general, know that the pose on the side is the most inappropriate for fresh spinal spinal points - it is better to lie on the back with straightened and slightly divorced legs and raised fellows, stunned into the board or plywood.

When the patient lies on the stomach, which is even better and safer from the bedding, above and below the knees, put the rollers, and under the chest - a large pillow or a specially chopped triangular box. It is necessary so that the breast of the spine will be flashed, and in the future it has not developed its curvature - kyphosis. Feet should hang out the bed.

If you are sitting in a stroller, then when concerned about the development of contracture of hip and knee joints from time to time, press from the armrests or wheels. Repeat this exercise for 10-15 times. It will be, as I wrote, additional prevention of laying on the buttocks and the sacrum. Looking at the television series, put the elongated legs on the ottoo or plywood, stuck under the pillow on the wheelchair.

Every day you need to follow, whether there is a refumeniousness in all joints, and mercilessly develop all limbs, bending and flexing them. The main features of your behavior should be perseverance, regularity and ruthlessness. Will be a hundred times worse if the relatives will launch a contracture, which will not be able to dig in any mud and exercises. Yes, the operation will not always help. It happens very disappointing when, recovering after injury or illness, physically healthy people cannot comfortably sit in a wheelchair, easy to get into the car and sit behind the wheel, or play sports due to irreparable contractures. I somehow met «Pumpped» Guy from Minsk and began to agitate him to go ski-sanny sports, but I had to retreat, as he had a strong hip contracture.

There is a whole special method of preventing and eliminating tendral contractures in the form of a complex of passive (performed by an instructor or relative) exercises. For children-cerebrals, this complex is purely individual, and parents need to consult with an experienced physician specialist and write down all the exercises in the notebook or video tape. The main reception of all exercises is stretching shortened muscles and tendons.

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