White belly hernia


White belly hernia (GBB) — This is one of
pathologies caused by the difference between intraperous pressure and resistance
he from the abdominal wall. This form of the disease is not very common, in
difference from hernia other localizations. However, even she can lead to development
Dangerous for the life of complications.


White belly hernia
The main reason — This is long present
intra-painted pressure and weakening of the anatomical structures of the white line.
Exercise, pregnancy, stomach watering (ascites), long
malnutrition — Here are the main factors that reduce the density of tendral thread. IN
As a result, even normal pressure can lead to a stretching of the connective
tissue and penetration through her hernial content.

Other factors affect the risk of developing hernias:

  • hereditary predisposition;
  • floor — GBBB occurs more often in women;
  • age — the older man, the higher the risk
  • Related diseases affecting synthesis
    Collagen — The main protein from which the tendon is.

Symptoms hernia white belly lines

White belly line is formed by intertwing tendons
threads leaving three pairs of oblique muscles. She stretches from the location of the ribs
to Lobka itself. It has several anatomical slots through which
Vessels and nerves go out of prettier fiber in the subcutaneous fat layer.
It is through them and a protrusion occurs.

Depending on the localization there are epigastric hernia
(There are above navels), and the octopup, located next to the navel or below
it. Initially, the defect formed in the white line penetrates only fat
fiber forming the so-called «Prettish Lipoma». At this moment, the patient
Feeling enough strong pain. Localization of them often misleads
doctor who examines such a patient. Since pain is localized in the area
Stomach, sometimes the person is treated for a long time from peptic illness or cholecystitis.
Only at the end stage of the formation of a hernial bag when it appears
Second symptom — Dimension, the diagnosis of GBBB becomes obvious.

When feeling, the discrepancy of direct muscles is detected
Belly. There is a positive symptom «cough shock». The essence of him is that
Doctor, having squeezed his hand to the place of absorption, asks for a patient to swash. In that
the moment he feels like the contents of a hernia pushing his fingers.

Treatment of hernia white abdominal line

White belly hernia
Conservative treatment of hernia white belly lines not
exist. Bandage, which many have hopes only
Some extent slows down the extension of the defect of the abdominal wall. Wearing it
prescribe only the patients who have serious contraindications to

  • Heavy Diseases — Cardiovascular
    Insufficiency, oncological diseases, liver cirrhosis in the stage of decompensation and
  • the presence of an infection focus in the body;
  • pregnancy on any time;
  • Unforgettable hernia.

If there are no contraindications, it is produced operation
on the restoration of a white line. For this, the method of embeding is usually used
hernia hole, plastic in his tendon leaflets. With postoperative
Hergeful white line and large sizes of a hernia gate can be used
polymer polytetrafluoroethylene mesh.

Herniation of a white belly line

The main and most dangerous complication of any hernia is her
Infringement. At the same time, the edges of the hernial gate squeeze those parts of the organs (intestines,
gland) that penetrated them. Due to long squeezing these organs
Begin to death (necrosis), as a result, causing acute peritonitis. Such
Cases Operations are made by emergency testimony to save lives

Less dangerous, but also an unpleasant complication is
Unforgettable hernia. This is due to the fact that the hernial contents, sticking out,
digested with a hernial bag walls.

Herniation of a white belly line

The main method of prevention is physical
Exercises, strengthening muscle press. Fitness, gymnastics, swimming — That's what
should be engaged, without waiting for the development of hernia.

It is necessary to treat all diseases leading to
Enhance intra-abdominal pressure. Bronchitis, colitis, prostate adenoma
glands — With these diseases should be struggling, not launching them.

With frequent and long constipation, consult
with food specialist. You may have too much protein and
Little fiber.

Finally, the best method of preventing complications already
Existing hernia is its planned surgical treatment. Of course, sometimes
There may be a relapse of the disease, but the percentage of his repetition is very small.

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