Ingrown nail, symptoms and treatment


If you have pain and swelling in the field of the first
Foot Foot, then it can be an ingrown nail. The disease is not so harmless,
As it seems, so it is better to immediately contact the surgeon, which will remove this
nail. Otherwise you are waiting for large troubles in the form of purulent-inflammatory
Foot Diseases, which are not always good to treat. Many
then years can not get rid of the consequences of their negligence.

What is an ingrown nail

Ingrown nail is the defeat of the 1st finger of the foot, with
which takes place the inner or outer edge of the nail in the nail
roller. The growing edge is thickened and curved down. Often occurs
Attachment infection with the development of the inflammatory process.

How the disease occurs

Ingrown nail, symptoms and treatment
The disease occurs at constant pressure of the edge of the nail on
Nail roller, which contributes to carrying close shoes and incorrect haircut
Nail (deep cutting of side edges). To the emergence of this disease
Congenantly congenital features of nail growth. With constant
injury to soft tissues located around the nail starts in them
inflammation develop when an infection is attached inflammation becomes
purulent and applies further.

When inflammation of soft tissues, pain in the area appear
Nail rustling when walking in shoes. On the nail roller, ulcers are formed with
Gnoe release, finger becomes swelling, blushing, more with a sick
Parties. With further distribution
inflammation it can go to the whole
Nail roller and lead to nail body detachment.

Sometimes x-ray is prescribed to clarify the diagnosis
study, since similar changes can be with bone lesions,
various vascular diseases when the clearance of the arteries and
remote parts of the body are badly supplied with blood (refriring endarteritic,
Atherosclerosis, diabetes mellitus).

Possible complications of the disease

With any purulent inflammatory diseases, the general condition of the body is of great importance, in
including its resistance to external influences (immunity). With reduced
Immunity, which happens, for example, with diabetes, inflammatory
The process can spread to deeper tissues and lead to gangrene
or spread a purulent inflammatory process to the entire foot. The same
Complications may occur if the ingrown nail occurs in patients with defeat
(narrowing) blood vessels when fabrics are badly supplied with blood
(Supporting endarterite,

How to treat an ingrown nail

Treatment usually begins with conservative (without surgery)
events. Assigned hot foot baths with antiseptic solution (Furacilina solution 1: 5000, pink,
0.5%, a solution of mangartee, 2% solution of soda)
Twice a day for 20-30 minutes, followed by the overlay of the ointment
(for example, with Levomikol). Between the edge of the nail and soft tissues
Narrow gauze strips moistened with antiseptic solution. During treatment, it is recommended to wear soft, spacious shoes.

If the disease acquires a protracted character or complicates
suppuration, then the operational treatment is shown - removal of an ingrown nail or all
Nail plate. Operate the ingrown nail after the odds
inflammatory phenomena under local anesthesia, dragging the base of the finger
Thin rubber tube. Most often in the process of operation, the changed area
Nail is removed along with his lies
(Soft fabrics under the nail), otherwise there is a recurrence of the disease. After operation
On the wound impose a mashery bandage. After 3-4 weeks when there is an increase
new nail, you should put a gauze tourundum under its edge (folded in
several times a narrow strip of gauze) until the correct position is established
nail. Turund change after 1-2 days.

Prevention of diseases of nails

Hygiene nail consists in washing legs with soap and brush. Care
nails should be regular. As the nails are growing, you need to peel,
Observing hygienic rules and avoiding injuries of nail rollers. Places
Random cuts are treated with hydrogen peroxide or iodine tincture.

Pedicure must be made pure disinfected
or disposable tools, after which make a light massage stop and fingers
Foot with nutritional cream.

For the prevention and recurrence of the ingrown nail, it is necessary to avoid too short
circumcision, especially from sides, do not wear close (especially on high heels)
shoes. In addition, it is necessary to inhibit small injuries to nail

For prophylaxis
purulent complications need to raise immunity - hardening
organism and exercise that also contribute to improving
blood circulation.

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