Sepsis: manifestations and treatment


  • What is sepsis
  • Manifestation of sepsis
  • Treatment of sepsis

  • What is sepsis

    Sepsis (from DR.-Grech. -
    Rotation), severe infectious disease of man and animals,
    caused by falling into the blood and tissue of gloting microorganisms and
    Products of their livelihoods - toxins. Sepsis pathogens: more often streptococci and staphylococci, less often - pneumococci,
    Intestinal wand and other.

    Usually sepsis - complication of the wound or
    inflammatory process. In his development, a person plays an important role
    Reducing the protective forces of the body due to severe disease,
    operations, big blood loss, insufficient nutrition. Source of general
    Infections may be supposed in the wound or complicated local
    purulent diseases (furuncle, carbuncoon, phlegmon) -
    T. N. Surgical sepsis; complications after childbirth or abortion when
    «entrance gate» Infections is the mucous membrane of the uterus, -
    obstetric and gynecological sepsis; Purulent processes or damage
    urogenital system, stagnation and urine infection - UROSPSIS;
    Acute or chronic purulent diseases of the oral cavity -
    Rota Septis and T. D.

    Manifestation of sepsis

    Sepsis: manifestations and treatment
    Sepsis is manifested by local signs - in the primary focus
    Diseases, such as wound cleansing and granulation growth
    stop, they look pale, dry, with dirty-muddy
    raid) and mainly common symptoms - headache (in heavy
    Cases - confusion), an increase in body temperature up to 39-40° with
    Large daily fluctuations, progressive weight loss, increase
    Pulse, decrease in blood pressure, thrombosis, swelling, breakdown.

    The clinical course of sepsis can be lightning (rapid development
    manifestations for 1-2 days), sharp (up to 5-7 days), subacute and
    Chronic. Often observed atypicity or «spontaneous» his
    symptoms (so, and in the midst of the disease may not be high temperatures),
    What is associated with a significant change in pathogenic properties
    pathogens as a result of the mass use of antibiotics. Sepsis
    can proceed with the formation of local uluses in various organs and
    fabrics (driving infection from primary focus) - t.N. septicopemia, primary
    which the flow of sepsis depends on the location of the glasses (for example,
    an affectionant in the brain with the corresponding neurological disorders), and
    without metastatic urnets t.N. septicemia often with more
    rapid flow, sharply pronounced common symptoms.

    Under development
    Sepsis in newborns (source - purulent process in tissues and vessels
    Umbilical cord - T.N. Umbilical septice) characteristic of vomiting, diarrhea, full failure
    baby from breast, fast weight loss, dehydration; Skin Covers
    losing elasticity, becomes dry, sometimes earthy color;
    Often the local fitting in the navel region, deep
    Phlegmons and abscesses of various localization. Manifestations of Sepsis W
    Animals are mainly similar to his symptoms in humans.

    Treatment of sepsis

    Sepsis treatment is aimed at combating infection (large doses
    antibiotics taking into account the sensitivity of the pathogen and sulfonamide
    preparations) and an increase in the resistance of the body (reinforced and
    Vitamined high calorie food, blood transfusion and
    protein preparations, use of specific serums, outovaccines and
    gammaglobulin). Local treatment in the presence of wounds: timely
    Removal of dead fabrics and opening of purulent pillars, creating
    permanent outflow of purulent discharge, processing of wound antibiotics and

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