Recipes youth for those who do not want to grow old


  • one. Pay attention to your health
  • 2. Fit right
  • 3. Do not let yourself be lazy
  • 4. Be emotional
  • five. Freeze your youth
  • 6. Love and indulge yourself

  • Recipes youth for those who do not want to grow oldLev Trotsky said: «Old age — the most unexpected, which suits us in life». So that this surprise has not turned out to be a rapid finale, you need to maintain physical and mental shape as long as possible. Today, the popularity of such movement is growing around the world «Wellness». His name happened from English «Wellness» — Good health. The main purpose of the movement is proclaimed preserving and multiplying physical and mental health. A lot of fashionable clubs have been created, where hundreds of consultants work, who are trained, how to live, not old, but in fact they do not offer anything new. Their concept is old as peace — This is a healthy lifestyle.

    The International Association of Doctors of Dietsologists and Psychologists, with the support of gerontologists, has developed recipes for the preservation of youth, harmonization and extension of life for those who do not want to grow old. We bring them to your attention.

    one. Pay attention to your health

    «Old age — it's when you go with a bouquet of disease»

    The biggest problem of old age is overweight and peacefully adjacent cardiovascular diseases and atherosclerosis.

    To preserve youth vessels and live, not old — Do not eat. Create a minimum calorie. Instead of familiar 2.5 thousand to ensure life, 1.5 thousand kilocalories are quite enough. With age, metabolic processes slow down, and unloading will have a positive effect on the body of the body that does not have time to process the nutrients incoming.

    In addition, doctors believe that a person for old age is simply obliged to at least lose weight, which will reduce the load on «Ponaked» joints and will avoid many problems.

    2. Fit right

    «Old age is not a guest — It does not pay it»

    I do not want old? Will have to adapt, or rather, to adapt their diet to the needs of the body. As soon as the first wrinkles appear, we include in the menu a variety of nuts and liver. After 40 years, Betakarotin is useful — This is provitamin A, famous for its antioxidant properties, the ability to protect against free radicals causing aging and cancer. Main source of substance — Greens and vegetables from orange to red. Pure vitamin A can be obtained from fish, eggs and the same liver.

    Men «transitional age», susceptible to stress «Self-copy», It is recommended to take selenium and eating cheese and kidney.

    In 50 years we need calcium. Osteoporosis and accompanying it bone fractures — Terrible problem. We eat more dairy products and accept calcium with vitamin D in tablets. To support the heart Do not forget about magnesium and containing it products: wheat bran, seeds, nuts, lentils.

    3. Do not let yourself be lazy

    The French writer Simon de Bovwar said somehow: «So that old age does not have a ridiculous parody of our lives, there is only one tool — pursue the goals that make sense to our existence».

    Do not want old? Even on pensions continue to work. Find yourself a lesson for the soul and. According to sociologists, to preserve youth help professions, implying communication with people and art.

    Do not forget to train your brain. Explore the poems, consider in the mind, play games that require memorization and analysis, learn foreign languages, finally, break the crosswords.
    Move. The fact that physical education classes prolong life — Unquestible fact. In the process of training, growth hormone is synthesized and endorphins are distinguished, and therefore, the renewal of the cell cells is more active and life becomes joy.

    4. Be emotional

    Recipes youth for those who do not want to grow old«Old people like museums: they are visited not for the sake of the facade, but for the sake of treasures that are stored inside» — Zhanna Moro.

    Often communication with old men comes down to a minimum just because they are boring. Always defend your point of view, do not swim by the flow as the old snag.

    Do not hold back emotions, do not suppress joy and special. The one who has learned to say that he worries him and sadness, more often sick, and this is not what.

    five. Freeze your youth

    Teach yourself to sleep in a cool room. Even in winter, tear the window at night. Scientists have proven that at air temperature 17-18° With metabolic processes are activated, and therefore cells get enough nutrients and begin to be updated.

    6. Love and indulge yourself

    «Old age does not bring wisdom, it only allows you to see on: both forward and forth. And very sad it happens to look around in temptations that did not succumb to» — said the famous American writer Robert Sineline.

    Despite all the recommendations on a healthy lifestyle, indulge yourself. Sometimes let yourself be sowed on the couch, eat a piece of cake, drink a glass of wine. After all, life — This is not overcoming yourself, but a harmonious existence with yourself.

    Find a couple. Love and tenderness — This is what everyone needs. High feeling is painted, makes you forget about sores and troubles, and not wise, because when you are in love, hormone of happiness is intensively produced in the body — Endorphin.

    Great Fain Ranevskaya said: «Old age — This is the time when the candles in the birthday cake cost more than the cake itself, and half urine goes to tests». All forces, fight for your youth, live in full life and then the birthday cake with candles will be the only reminder of your age.

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