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  • Rhesus conflict
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  • Rhesus conflict

    The conflict Rh factorEven before planning a pregnancy for a womanyou need to know your Rh factor and Rh factor of a husband. Rh factor is a protein that is located on the surface of red blood cells (red blood cells). If a person has this protein, then it is Rh-positive, and if there is no protein in the blood, then it is considered Rh-negative. About 85% of people are Rh-positive and only 15% are Rh-negative.

    It is important that any Rh factor in women. If the wife is Rh positive, and my husband is also positive or negative, it does not lead to any consequences. Difficulties arise only in the event that a woman has a negative Rh factor and her husband Rh positive and if the child will inherit the father's Rh factor. In this situation there is a risk of Rhesus-conflict.

    The basis of the Rhesus conflict is that the bloodthe child would be incompatible with the mother's blood. A protein that is present in the child's blood (Rh positive) begins to enter the body of its mother and the child starts to perceive the body as a foreign object, and it generates the protective antibodies. These antibodies are beginning to penetrate the child's blood and destroy fetal red blood cells. When erythrocytes are destroyed, it is allocated substance called bilirubin. In large quantities, it can adversely affect the health of the child.

    Treatment of Rh-conflict

    The probability that a child will inherit the Rh positive father, is 50%. Even if it happens, the modern medicine is able to prevent Rhesus-conflict.

    A pregnant woman will have to increasingly controlyour health and your baby's health. During pregnancy, a woman should be frequently donate blood in order to discover whether there are antibodies in her body and how much change their number. During pregnancy, after birth or terminate the pregnancy a woman can enter the anti-Rhesus immunoglobulin. This drug binds antibodies in the blood of women and brings them out of her body. Even if this drug is not administered, the woman was not registered in the antenatal clinic and unborn baby developed health problems, in this case it makes a blood transfusion.

    Modern medicine does not stand still. Doctors and scientists are always looking for new ways to solve this problem. Do not be upset if you have a negative Rh factor. Follow all the doctor's instructions and you have to be born a healthy baby.

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