Treatment of pain in the back

You suffer back pain? And you do not have time to do themselves and go to the hospital? You are always somewhere in a hurry, afraid of being late, you have back pain, but you continue to "run." Let's try to log our website to find out what could be the cause of back pain, and how to act in such a situation.

Treatment of pain in the back, pain in the back
You suffer back pain? And you do not have time to do themselves and go to the hospital? Of course, because time is running so fast, and you still have time everywhere: to go to the store to repair the car, wash, cook, nail cloves, work with your child, take a walk with the dog. You are always somewhere in a hurry, afraid of being late, you have back pain, but you continue to "run." For the time being, not paying attention to the patient's back, you can still live and 'run', but when the pain worsen, and the back will always bear whining, it's too late, and you can just take away by ambulance. But until that happens, let's try to log our website to find out what could be the cause of back pain, and how to act in such a situation.

Symptoms of the disease: hypothermia

Let's start with the most common causes ofback pain: cold. For example, you are making repairs. Drag and drop furniture from one room to another, on the street summer, heat 30, you naturally sweat. When you have finished transferring furniture, went to the store, and there is air conditioning. Your body gets overheated under the cold stream of air conditioner, and you start to get cold, you are cold. The next day starts to hurt back. So simply and quietly, you have lost an elementary back, and now can not get up, straighten up, constant back pain, sharp and aching. How in this case, you can help yourself?

Treatment of back pain during supercooling

Treatment of back pain during supercooling
The first thing you can do in this case: rub back any warm-up ointment, for example, can take finalgon, Nikofleks Fastum or gel. If the hand is not ointments can be rubbed back alcohol. Back rubbed ointment or alcohol wrapped loin something warm: shawl, scarf. In the following days also rub the ointment back, perform actions until they are cured. And every time you exit to the street to dress warmly, tying something warm on the lower back.

Secondly, if the back is very soreit’s better to go to the doctor, he will give you injections. The injections relieve back pain almost immediately, if not immediately, then at least slightly relieve the pain. Each injection is prescribed individually. For example, it is prescribed to inject ampoules of 15 mg and “milgamma” one ampoule every other day during 5 days.

Thirdly, if you are often blown away, our sitestrongly recommends wearing a waist belt. Now in pharmacies a large number of warming belts for lumbar from dog, sheep wool are sold. Buy such a belt and wear it everyday under clothes. The belt is thin and not visible under the clothes.

Symptoms of the disease: cross (1st stage of sciatica)

Treatment of pain in the back
First, you need to determine that you have a headache,what character the pain (dull, aching, sharp, sharp) when it appears. For example, you started repairs in the apartment, but as the proverb says, "the repair can not be finished, it can only suspend," we began to move furniture, carry wardrobe, etc., that you do not like it, and you have started to move again furniture, and so are periodically repeated every week. And somehow, bringing once again the bed from one room to another, you have a sharp pain, then the pain came up and walked quickly. The pain was short, and you do not pay attention. Then again, dragging furniture, you feel a sharp pain in the lower back, and you stood up and straightened his back, the pain increased, but then passed. It's time to think about why this is happening? All cases of pain shown in the example, are a sign of the first stage of sciatica, which is called in the people chamber, in medicine - lumbago.

In the stage of lumbosacralradiculitis pain appears in the lower back as a result of lifting weights or a sharp movement of the body (you sharply turned, sharply straightened your back, bent, etc.). In the future, pain can be repeated, sometimes back pain gives to the leg. As a rule, pain intensifies with coughing, sneezing, that is, after tension of the whole body.

Treatment of back pain during lumbago

Firstly, in the event of acute lumbarpain must be immediately put the patient on a hard surface (on the floor or bed, and the patient put under the mattress sheet of plywood). To reduce the pain in the back, you can give the patient an anesthetic (analgin, spazmalgon, pentalgin).

Attention! our website warns that in such a case you are not in any case should not put the patient into a hot bath, it will only increase the pain.

Second, you can give the patient a dry heating padIf this does not help, it can be rubbed into the skin loin patient ointment butanedioic, indometacin (you can also use the ointment daily advertised on TV that suit you and does not cause allergies).

Third, you need to restrict salt and fluid in the diet of the patient.

Fourthly, bed rest for 3-5 days.

If back pain persists or there was a sharp severe pain, call your doctor on the house, and he will prescribe treatment.

Symptoms of the disease: herniated discs (2nd stage of sciatica)

So, you have suffered, they suffered pain,do-do repairs, transferred permanently gravity (ie furniture), she thought the pain will pass somehow, but it was not there. Back pain has become a constant and intensified when walking, you feel relieved only when lying in a horizontal position. "Doprygat" - you might think. Of course, because these are signs of herniated discs.

The second stage of sciatica - hernia intervertebral discs, the patient feelsconstant pain, which may be given in the leg and aggravated by walking, coughing, sneezing. When a hernia may also appear numbness or decreased sensation in the lumbar area. Also, there are a lot of pain if the patient leans forward and down, bend the legs, gets out of bed.

Treatment of pain in the back with a herniated disc

Firstly, you must ensure that the patient complete rest and bed rest.

Second, give the patient an anesthetic (analgin, spazmalgon, pentalgin etc.).

Third, seek medical advice immediately.

Attention! Relieving pain when walking, and lifting a patient lifter to help belt or hard lumbar corset.

Symptoms of the disease: lumbar osteochondrosis

Back pain may also be due to lumbarosteochondrosis. Lumbar degenerative disc disease - it is a disease of the spine, where the intervertebral disc breaks down food, which connects the vertebrae together. Intervertebral disk is not obtained, the necessary elements, "dry", in the vertebrae of the load increases, resulting in intervertebral discs begin to fade, there is pain in the back.

Treatment of back pain in osteochondrosis

Treatment of back pain in osteochondrosis
Lumbar degenerative disc disease - is also a chronic disease, the patient can only help the patient himself, the daily stresses and proper nutrition.

So, in osteochondrosis should:

  1. Massage.
  2. Manual therapy.
  3. Physiotherapy.
  4. Special physiotherapy.
  5. Proper nutrition. The food should contain the necessary minerals for strong bones. To do this, you need to see a doctor, so that you have appointed an individual nutrition program.

Symptoms of the disease: "occupational disease"

"Occupational disease" back
Under the name "occupational disease" asas a rule, any disease falls, but in this case, our site means precisely back pain. For example, your profession is associated with low mobility, you are a manager, operator, cashier, programmer, etc., sit in one position for a long time and do not get up. You sit, sit, do intellectual work. And one fine day, your muscles “ached”, your back ached and continues to hurt to this day, there is a “professional disease”. From low mobility, your muscles become flabby and cannot hold your back in one position for a long time, incorrect posture is added to this, and not only your back, but also your neck will hurt. So, back pain can be due to low physical activity and poor posture.

Treatment of pain in the back with "occupational disease"

Single-step method of eliminating back painif no such disease, as this usually chronic disease. The only thing that can immediately help with severe pain in the back, it's a prick with pain medication.

Eliminate back pain can be a daily procedure:
Treatment of pain in the back with "occupational disease"

  1. Daily five-minute physical workout every hour. You just need to give a strain on the back muscles to strengthen them.
  2. Follow posture when you are sitting. Watching him, try to sit and walk with back straight: straighten shoulders, chest out, shoulder blades together, keep your head straight. Notice how just pulled your tummy? So, when you walk with your back straight, your work is not only the muscles of the back, and abdominal muscles.
  3. Massage. Self-massage is not recommended, since you can not know the pain points and inflict even greater harm to the person with a bad back, it is better to consult a specialist.

Today you, readers of our site, learn how toto help the patient with back pain. This is not all the possible causes, but the most common. In any case, one should not start a disease, and to act immediately. And it is better, especially if you are not sure what caused the pain in the back, and to find the time to go to a clinic for medical assistance.

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